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Clean Hud move all the Items in the hud to the bottom of the Screen so you have a full unobstructed view of the battle field


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Clean Hud move all the Items in the hud to the bottom of the Screen so you have a full unobstructed view of the battle field

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Download 'graw_hud_v012.rar' (20KB)

I found the original HUD to be a little too arcadish in regards to the colours and it was too cluttered to my taste.
So I made this darker, less cluttered HUD-mod.

How to install:

Extract the gui-folder to x:\GRAW install-dir\Data\
Start the game like normal.

Here are the changes:
V 1.2

- Removed the last marker (carrot pointing to the general objective area)
- Moved the members list slightly higher to make room for the 2nd tank icon
- Reduced the overall size of the compass and put the numbers inside the circle
- Brought back the yellow player-waypoint from the map-screen (distance doesnt show though)

V 1.1

- Grenadelauncher-crosshair is black and the digits indicating distance have been removed
- Handgrenade-crosshair is black
- All friendly and enemy markers (diamonds) have been removed
- Number-markers on your team members are half the size
- The objective marker has been removed (carrot pointing to the general direction is still there)
- On-screen order menu is now dark grey to match the rest of the HUD

V 1.0

- All 4 bars in the corners are gone
- All crosshairs for rifles, smgs handguns and the lmg has been removed
- The handgrenade and grenadelauncher crosshair has been changed to red (to reflect an explosive weapon)
- Health, Ammo and member-select frames are dark grey (less flashy) and smaller in size
- The member-select frame has been moved to the bottom of the screen
- The Crosscom video (wireframe-window) has been removed
- The N,S,W and E on the compass has been replaced by digits (0, 180, 270 and 90) plus 45 degree increments
- Blue diamonds are now yellow-brownish
- Red diamonds are now dark yellow
- The MP hud-chat window has been removed (text still appear as normal)

Thanks to Franze for calculating the 45 degree increments on the compass and feedback in general.
Thanks to Clx440 for explaining the basics in positioning the Crosscom and thanks for the MP chatbox-mod.
Thanks to GRIN for this otherwise very cool game.

This little mod is made by Shadow=ASP=

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