Total Random Respawns

here is a New game mode and 34 maps to go with it. kind of on the big side but worth the time to add a new feel to GRAW2 game play.


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File Description

here is a New game mode and 34 maps to go with it. kind of on the big side but worth the time to add a new feel to GRAW2 game play.

[list] 34 maps with new TRR gametype, now includes the brilliant CASTLE Day/Night by BIRO!!!.

Place the trrpack.bundle in the GRAW2/custom_levels folder and start the game up.

2 teams will spawn in one of 4 random spawn points on the map - after that players killed will spawn at 32 random spawns placed strategically around the map - teams have to defend and cover all angles because you wont know where the respawned players are going to attack from.

teamwork becomes crucial especially for clan battles.

5 respawns per player / 20 minute matches / team with most kills or team with last man standing wins.

kits have been restricted to improve balance.

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Re-Upload Request Restoration

Place the trrpack.bundle in your GRAW2/custom_levels folder.

So first up an overview of how this all began - approximately 8 weeks ago a guy named Quekel ( a former clan mate ) knew that I was dabbling
with GRAW2 XML and asked if I could develop a gametype that was hugely popular in OGR (Original Ghost Recon).  I was already in the process of
creating new MP maps developed around the GRAW2 Single Player Campaigns, so I told him I would have a go at it.

After fiddling with the code for a while posting issues and troubleshooting at GhostRecon.Net I finally managed to get it running perfectly.

Then it was just a case of implementing the gametype into all the MP maps I had built, bulding some loadscreens to make it look professional, 
testing code, and finally bundling the whole thing together.

If it was not for the following people though, this Mod would never have made it to fruitition - 

GRIN - for producing a game that took a big step from GRAW1 to a game that I really felt was the worthy successor to OGR.

GRIN_Wolfsong - for producing highly detailed Tutorials so that we modders could get our hands dirty with GRAW2, and also for providing numerous
replies to the hundreds of posts that initially hit the GR.Net forums after the editor and tutorials were released.

GhostRecon.Net - I thank Rocky and his admins and fellow modders for providing a brilliant website and Forums which have allowed me to
develop my modding skills.

Nutlink - for getting me heading in the right direction and helping me learn some of the trickier manouevres and providing a better understanding of the kits.

Cangaroo - for providing plenty of advice and tips for editing code.

Beaver - for providing some insights and helping me to get through some bundling issues - also for providing an opportunity perhaps to host TRR at TWL.

Tinker - cos he's a legendary GR Modder who has always been there to offer advice to modders.

Quekel - for putting me on this path and providing me with some professional load screens (mine were great werent they Quekel ;-) ).

Biro - cos he's already a dam legend and I never got to thank him for Farm (thanks), and for remaking CD for us and hopefully producing a lot more maps.

BSR_Vhladd - for the environments pack - never was altering environs so easy - kudos.

GR.Net members for providing input in development and steering me in the right direction re: kits (thanx huddex ;-) .

I hope I covered everyone....thanks if I missed you too.


1. So what do you get in this mod?

34 maps - the traditional GRAW2 mp maps / custom-made mp maps modded by Lightspeed from SP campaign maps / a night and day version of Castle Day by Biro

all of them are built for TRR gametype.

2. What duz TRR mean?

It stand for Totally Random Respawns.  It is a Team-based gametype (most kills or last team(man) standing wins) - using random spawns to increase replayability and unpredictability.

3. Whats random?

There are 4 possible spawns for the 2 teams at the start of the round - they are randomly picked at launch.

In addition, there are 32 random player spawns placed around the map which will become the respawn locations for killed player.  They ARE 100% randomly picked.

4. What if you don't like respawns?

No problem - number of respawns is server-sided to allow server hosts to choose how they want to play it. Limited Respawns, No Respawns or Inifinite Respawns.

If you choose no Respawns you actually have a RANDOM TEAM DEATHMATCH gametype - 4 random team spawns on 34 maps!!!  And the maps provide huge variation and lots of replayability.



1. Random Team Deathmatch no respawns would look like this - this is the OGR No Respawn gametype for Clan Battles. 

<server_settings type=&quot;trr&quot;>
		<match_length value=&quot;10&quot;/>
		<max_deaths value=&quot;1&quot;/>
		<max_players value=&quot;32&quot;/>
		<round_length value=&quot;10&quot;/>
		<spawn_time value=&quot;5&quot;/>

2.  5 Respawns / 15 minutes / Fixed kit selection chosen b4 game launch - this is the OGR Clan Match gametype for respawns.

	<server_settings type=&quot;trr&quot;>
		<match_length value=&quot;15&quot;/>
		<max_deaths value=&quot;5&quot;/>
		<max_players value=&quot;32&quot;/>
		<round_length value=&quot;15&quot;/>
		<spawn_time value=&quot;1&quot;/>
		<start_condition value=&quot;2&quot;/>

3.  Infinite Spawns - changeable kits during match - 

	<server_settings type=&quot;trr&quot;>
		<match_length value=&quot;15&quot;/>
		<max_deaths value=&quot;0&quot;/>
		<max_players value=&quot;32&quot;/>
		<round_length value=&quot;15&quot;/>
		<spawn_time value=&quot;15&quot;/>
		<start_condition value=&quot;2&quot;/>

Any issues/bugs/comments - post them at
Lightspeed @ GhostRecon.Net   GRAW2 TRRV1.0 2007.

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