new 8 Mission pack story line that works in (SP MP)


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new 8 Mission pack story line that works in (SP MP)

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**************  GHOST  TURBULENCE **************

 Author: Ghost Troop (GhostTroop@hotmail.com).
 Contents: * IT Campaign (8 Missions SP & MP).
                 * Ghost Troop Wallpapers.
                 * Replay Missions.
                 * Movies, Music, Madness.

 Installation: Extract to your Ghost Recon folder.
 C:\Program Files\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon

 View the READ ME for Campaign Information and Hints.

 Download Ghost Allegiance(GR) & Ghost Defiance(DS).
 Get the Defiance Patch (replay, wallpapers, movie, etc).

 More Ghost Troop Mods coming to a hard drive near you.

 **************  LICENSE AGREEMENT  **************
1. Ghost Turbulence remains Ghost Troop property.
2. If this work gives inspiration to your work, you must
    mention it in your "read me". (Or hit 'Exit' & delete now).
3. If you wish to COPY, MODIFY or USE this work, apply to:
X - Ghost Troop forges unique Mods through blood, sweat
      and tears for absolutely no financial gain.  Send help !

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