ChopperMod 2.0



Here is an interesting modification that will allow you to fly helicopters in GTA 3, there are two basic helicopters included, the Police Maverick and the Regular Maverick. The police maverick is armed with a machine gun with unlimited ammunition and can be found just next to the airstrip, near the helicopter pad. The Regular Maverick is unarmed but has a radio and will spawn in various locations around the airport.

Highly recommended for those that want to fly around Liberty City in GTA 3, however as this file includes a Main.scm file it is highly recommended that you back up your files as saved games will not work anymore and it would mean that you won't need to reinstall GTA 3 if your game goes wrong.

Required Files IMG Tool V2



GTA3 ChopperMod 2.0

I decided to create a mod that enables the use of helicopters in GTA3 and also spawns the Police Maverick and Maverick around Liberty City. 

It is really great fun flying a chopper (espacially as you´re not meant to  ) around Liberty City. You can land on most rooftops, they are really great sniping points, if you feel like blasting the head off an innocent pedestrian  ! 

The Police Maverick lacks the radio but has a gun with unlimited ammo, meaning you can shoot as much as you want! 

The regular Maverick is also available. 
It lacks the gun but of course has got the radio! 
It is just as good as the Police version and spawns in black (see screenshots). 



Place "handling.cfg", "default.ide" and "main.scm" in your GTAIII/data directory.

Place "american.gxt" in your GTAIII/text directory.

Remove "txd.img" and "txd.dir" from your GTAIII/models directory.

Start a new game.


Where to find

The Police Maverick will be located just next to the airstrip, near the helicopter pad.

The regular Maverick will spawn on various locations around the airport, have a look around!

If you can´t enter it, you may have tried to enter a dead heli, there are lots of them. They are simply dummie choppers, you may have seen them before.

Good Luck!

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