Claude Cop Uniform

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Here is a skin for GTA 3, this will change the clothing the Claude wears in game to that of a Police Uniform similar to the police already seen in game. This skin could be useful for those that like to play as a cop instead of a criminal.

Required Files

IMG Tool V2



I had been thinking of making Claude in gta 3 to a cop, and I downloaded a cop skin 
modification to gta3. So, I copied some of the stuff from Claude's skin (Face, Hands, Hair,
etc.) and pasted them to that skin.


Chose one of these 3 Setups.

Setup 1

1. Replace PLAYER.TXD from modelstxd.img for this player.txd by Img Tool.
2. Replace Player.DFF from modelsgta3.img for this player.dff by Img Tool.

Setup 2

1. Delete Player.Txd from modelstxd.img, and add my Player.txd.
1. Delete Player.dff from modelsgta3.img, and add my player.dff.

Setup 3

1. Rename player.txd from modelstxd.img to player_old.txd and add my player.txd.
2. Rename player.dff from modelsgta3.img to player_old.dff and add my player.txd.

Final instruction: 

Add my Claude Cop skin to skins folder and enjoy!

Note: Game will play as usual, so cops will still chase you and will still attack you.


P.S. If you have any problems about this skin or you want another skin from a ped from gta3,
give me a message to [email protected]

Yes, you have permission to use/change this skin and put it at another website.

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