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No, your eyes do not deceve you. This is the origonal action packed, full length Grand Theft Auto. Before you look at me all funny thinking...


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No, your eyes do not deceve you. This is the origonal action packed, full length Grand Theft Auto. Before you look at me all funny thinking i've turned rebel and started up in software piracy, let me tell you that this is now abandonware eg. free from rockstar themselves :)

Now, the game that started it all, and i dont know were to start. I remember playing it on my Playstation for hours and hours, it never got old, of course at the time i didn't know what was to become of it, but i loved Grand Theft Auto from the seccond its pre-release demo was on UK Playstation Magazine. Now you can relive the glory days with the origonal Grand Theft Auto.

Every crook’s worst nightmare is being chased by the cops, which you certainly will be if you kill every moving thing. However, this is one of the most fun parts in the game. Stealing a car in front of the cops, followed by a sick car chase is so much fun, you just can’t believe it until you have tried it. If stay alive long enough, doing as much harm as you can do, you will end up with the National Guard on your tail.

Now, the best part of the game, which is totally sweet, is the multiplayer option. In the multiplayer death match option you play against the other players, and gather points. The amount of points needed to win can be modified and any city can be chosen. In the death match option you can either just kill innocent people who are taking Sunday walks, or start a “Gang war” against the other player(s). You don’t get much more points for killing another player, but you can brag about it over on GamingForums ;)

Why are you still reading? You know what this is by now surely. DOWNLOAD IT!

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Download 'GTAINSTALLER.exe' (30.92MB)

In 1997, a band of developers that would come to be known as Rockstar North and Rockstar Games released the original Grand Theft Auto on an unsuspecting public. The groundbreaking non-linear urban crime game shook up a complacent game industry with its irreverent gameplay, humor and style- and a phenomenon was born. 

We are now offering this classic progenitor of the Rockstar Games lineage as the first in a recurring series of Rockstar PC game downloads, absolutely free of charge. It's a chance for new fans to experience the roots of Rockstar as well as our way of saying thank you to our long-time supporters feeling that pang of nostalgia. we've even optimized the game for play on the latest and greatest computers. Now, don't say we never gave you anything.

Grand Theft Auto Warning/Disclaimer:

This version of Grand Theft Auto is modified from its original version to enable support for modern PC's and current Microsoft � Windows � platforms. However, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that Grand Theft Auto will work correctly on your PC. Installation and execution of this software is entirely at your own risk. 

Grand Theft Auto Important Notes - Please read the following before downloading and installing: 

The size of this file is 328 MB. 

This game requires the latest version of DirectX to run. If you do not have the latest version of DirectX installed on your system, you may download it from 

After downloading Grand Theft Auto, double-click on the file (GTAInstaller.exe). 

The Install program will start; follow the on-screen install instructions and choose where you would like to install Grand Theft Auto. 

Grand Theft Auto will then be installed and a program group created for you in "START > PROGRAMS > Rockstar Games > GTA". 

You will NEED to run "GTA Settings" from the Program Menu BEFORE running the game for the first time. 

In GTA Settings you can customize your control options and select a language (English is default). 

Once you are done with GTA settings, choose "Save" to save your settings. 

You can now run Grand Theft Auto! Just click on "START > PROGRAMS > Rockstar Games > GTA > GRAND THEFT AUTO" to start. 

Once in-game you can change the resolution by pressing 'F11' and choosing any of the listed resolutions. 

If you experience choppy or jerky gameplay, try turning the frame limiter off by pressing 'F8'. You may need to then increase your resolution to slow the game down, but it should play smoothly.

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