GTA 3 Bodyguard Modification (V2)



Here is the second version of the bodyguard modification for GTA 3, this will allow you to spawn bodyguards that will protect you in game. To spawn the bodyguards, all you have to do is hold the look behind button for about 2 seconds for them to appear. However you can only do this five times in a row, the sixth time will make the bodyguard will kill anyone in sight and the seventh time will cause the bodyguard to dissapear.

Please note that there is a main.scm file included in this modification, it is highly recommended that you back up the original just incase you do not like this modification. Also any previous saved games will not work with this modification as it will cause the game to crash. A saved game file is included so you can try this out for yourselves.

Required Files




I decided to release this 2nd bodyguard mod, this time, you can spawn them by holding the "look behind" button for 2 seconds. You can only do this 5 times. The sixth time you press it, they will kill any one in sight. Press the 7th time, and they will disapear. You can do this endlessly. Press "get in\out of car" button when speeding up to bail out (jump out of the car). When starting viligent missions, go to the police station and wait for 3 cop cars to drive to the enemy. If you don't like that, the radio will countinuisly give you the location area.

Put Gta3sf8 file to My documents\gta3 user files. (you mustn't have any gta3sf8 file in my documents\gta3 user files before copying and pasting this).

Add main.scm to gta3\data.

And you're ready to rumble!


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