GTA 3 Camera Modification



Here is a modification that will allow you to change the camera and the speed of the camera (slow motion) within GTA 3. With this modification you will only be able to use this when moving or while inside a car. Also you must start a new game for this to work properly as this modification is a modified main.scm file which means that if you load a saved game it will crash.

Required Files


Please note it is highly recommended that you back up your main.scm file as you will have to reinstall GTA 3 if you don't like this modification.



This is a mod that will actully make you play with the camera. Unfortunatly, you can only play with the camera/speed in moving or inside a car, nothing else.
OK, this is what you have to do:

1. Backup your main.scm in gta3\data.
2. Extract this main.scm to gta3\data.
3. START A NEW GAME! Do not load or the game will crash.
4. When you're in a car, hold Shift and Left Button (fire), Then the game will eventully turn to a movie, within slow-motion. It'll wear off after a few seconds.
5. When you are walking, press C (camera) controle, and 360 slow motion will get there. to deactivate it, press C again.

Note that this isn't my modifications. What I do is search, try then post.

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