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Here is a useful tool that will allow you to change or create more skins for GTA 3, although this may be an older tool it still can be usefu...


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Here is a useful tool that will allow you to change or create more skins for GTA 3, although this may be an older tool it still can be useful for those that would like to make more skins for GTA 3. There are litterally thousands of different possible skins that can be created using this tool with over 100 objects to choose from. Also included is a random skin generator as well as the ability to add sunglasses or glasses to the skin.

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]===--- GTA 3 SkinEdit v1.40    by Vinny Marando

]=---General information
GTA 3 SkinEdit allows players to easily create new skins for their
favorite game or edit old ones with just a few mouseclicks.

- easy clicking-interface
- over 100 objects to choose from
- over 5.000 different skins possible
- put sunglasses and jacket patches on your skins
- loads old skins and is able to edit them
- possibility to include own skin parts using
  a comfortable interface
- random skin generator
- nice looking splash screen

Mmhh, there's not much to explain. Just start the editor, create the
skin you want or just use the new "Generate random"-button, which
creates a random skin for you and then click on "Save skin".
In the next dialog, select the GTA3\skins directory, enter a filename
and save it by clicking "ok".
There you go, your new skin is ready for use!

]=---Importing own skin parts
Thanks to the new import-routine, this is as easy as it can be now.
Just open GTA 3 SkinEdit, click on "Import skin parts" and follow the
instructions in the new window. Be sure to open just 256x256 pixel files,
or I can't guarantee it to work properly.

]=---Update v1.10
-added more than 50 new skin parts
-added database counter
-wrote this small readme with credits
-fixed saving bug
-fixed saving extension bug

]=---Update v1.20 (internal)
-added splash screen
-added random skin generator
-added alphabetical sorting for all skin parts
-added some more skin parts

]=---Update v1.30
-added skin-loading-feature
-added skin-part-import-feature
-added about-window (shows smaller splash-screen)
-added database information-window
-added better-looking load/save-dialog windows

]=---Update v1.40
-added sunglasses/jacket patches-feature
-removed some skin parts, put them as sunglasses/jacket patches

Variant 1
Variant 2
Variant 3
Variant 4

Face acessories:
Sunglasses 1
Sunglasses 2
Sunglasses 3
Sunglasses 4
Sunglasses 5

Adidas red
Adidas blue
adidas gold
adidas green
adidas grey
adidas purple

Jacket acessories:
Police badge

Army 1
Army 2

Army 1
Army 2



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