GTA3: Max Payne Mod



This is the 1.1 beta of the Max Payne mod for Grand Theft Auto 3. The most intresting addition is that of snow (it looks really cool too!) and it includes a whole host of new weapons, car behavour and other cool changes.



Max Payne Mod was made by Adrian Shephard [email protected].
Max Payne and all other Characters are copyright of Rockstar games. www.rockstargames.com

Max Payne mod for Grand Theft Auto 3 is an expansion into the Max Payne Universe, it lets Max Payne loose in Liberty City instead of New York City. Unfortunatly the first few releases will be small since I have other projects to work on but in time I plan on making this a much bigger project.

How to install: Start with a clean install of Grand Theft Auto 3, then just copy and paste the folders into the GTA 3 directory that you installed it to. Then run GTA and enjoy the Payne. >=D

Changelog: Last updated 1/24/2005

"Beta 1.1"


Added New gfx
-Snow Textures (Thanks to the Snow mod creator)
-Text Fonts
Added New Rims
Added New Handling for all cars

"Beta 1"


Max Payne Skins
New Weapon models
- Katana Sword
- H&K USP .45 Socom
- Skorpion
- .12 Pancor Jackhammer
- XM4a13
- .50 M249 Lightwieght SAW
- M82A1 Barret
- Stinger Missile Launcher
- Flamethrower
- Moltov Cocktail
- M203 Grenade Launcher
Added new menu and splash screens.
Added new Radar (Not working for atm)

* Copyright *
"Max Payne Mod" is ©Adrian Shephard, 2005. All characters are ©Rockstar Games.
DO NOT Distribute this on any CD or anything without my consent.
If you just want to mirror it so other people can d/l it off your site, go right ahead, but keep all the files the same as in the .zip.

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