Liberty City Penitentiary

This map change for Grand Theft Auto III will add a large Prison near the Yakuza Casino on Staunton Island. This thing really is pretty big,...


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This map change for Grand Theft Auto III will add a large Prison near the Yakuza Casino on Staunton Island. This thing really is pretty big, and with the ammount of criminals in Liberty City, it probably needs to be ;) download if you like.

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Liberty Penitentiary

.....................- GTA3's first prison by REspawn


To install this mod you will need spookys img tool. 

Use the image tool and open gta3.img add the custom objects found in the DFF folder. 

The models should be installed in this order.... 1) pen_island.dff 2) pen_guard 3) first_floor.dff 4) second_floor.dff 5) roof_extras.dff

This this does not have to be the order, this is the way they appear in the ipl and ide files, if you have custom objects already installed then you will have to change these file to match the model id numbers. (see end of file for instructions)

Using the img tool again open the txd.img file and add the pen.txd file that is in the TXD directory. this has no specific order so just add the file and you are done with this part.

Now you need the add the COL, IDE and IPL the best way and an easy way of keeping order is to make a folder in the MAPS directory inside your gta directory, usually you call this MODS but you can name it anything you want.

Place the pen.ide, pen.col and pen.ipl files inside this directory.

Last you have to open the gta3.dat file that is located inside the data folder. 

To do this you can do it manually with notepad or a similar program.

Inside the file search for these lines and add the address of the pen files after them... (if you made the folder mods then this is what the address would look like...)


Add new line: IDE DATA\MAPS\MODS\pen.ide


add new line: COLFILE 2 DATA\MAPS\MODS\pen.col

search for: IPL DATA\MAPS\props.IPL

add new line: IPL DATA\MAPS\MODS\pen.ipl

And that's it, that's all you have to do to install this mod. Have fun. -Dave


So this took me a while, but me thinks it was worth it. Me would have added more detail and stuff to the inside if i had more time, but i dont. I deliberately left some of the rooms empty (nearly) so that people could add there own stuff to the prison. 

If you have any comments or suggestions or just stuff you can e-mail me at.... 


Installing custom objects:

Using reshack (on the network) you can see the model numbers inside the gta3.img file. The last entire is 3856, warehouse1z.

When you add a new object with the img tool then it is 3857, myobject and this continues to increment as you go along.

Each number is different, no two are the same.

Look at the IPL file inside you will see that the start of each line has the number and name. for the game to load the name and number must match.

If you have custom objects installed and then add new ones but the id's don't match then the game will crash.

So use res hack and change the IPL and IDE files so that the names and numbers match.


Created / Copyright 2003 David Brennan

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