Rob's White MINI Cooper

Here is Rob's White MINI Cooper from the New Italian Job, this car is highly detailed and very well made. This car will replace the Infernu...


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Here is Rob's White MINI Cooper from the New Italian Job, this car is highly detailed and very well made. This car will replace the Infernus within GTA III and includes a detailed interior. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just incase this mod either messes up your computer or you do not like it.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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Download '' (1.13MB)

New Italian Job: Handsome Rob's White MINI Cooper for GTA3 on the PC (this version NOT for Vice City)

Converted by Jonathan Mace ( from an original by Stecki (, purchased from  Check out Turbosquid for more of his excellent work...  Textures and modelling by Jonathan Mace and Stecki.  These files copyright Jonathan Mace and Stecki, 2002-2003.  The Italian Job TM and copyright Paramount Pictures 2003.  Please do not edit or redistribute without written permission.  Just email me at and I'll probably agree...

New model, with full damage, carcol compatible colours (body is [prim], roof is [sec], high res textures, new handling, custom collision file, 3d wheels using DMagic1's Wheel Mod, folded down rear seats with strongbox full of gold in the boot as extra1 (appears in about half the in-game cars).


Now that the game is getting older, more and more of the modding sites are closing.  The following are the original homepages where possible so you can get the latest versions, but if they are closed, try checking around wherever you downloaded this file from.

IMG Explorer (essential), from (imports the model and textures)

GXT Editor 1.3 (optional, recommended), from (changes the name that appears when you get in the car)

Collision File Editor (optional, highly recommended), from on the downloads page; it's the Collision File Editor you want, not Collision File Viewer or Maker (imports the collision file to match the ends of the car)

DMagic1's Wheel Mod (essential), included in this archive (lets the car have its own custom wheels)

Text Editor (e.g. Notepad, Wordpad etc. essential), included with Windows (edits the other plain text files)

You can replace another TWO-DOOR car instead of the Infernus if you want.  These are the settings for the car if used to replace the Infernus.  To replace a different car, just replace the data for that car instead of the Infernus and rename all the files accordingly, but don't blame me if you make a mistake...  ;)

VERY IMPORTANT:  Make sure you have installed DMagic's wheel mod by running the included DMagic1wheelmod.exe and pointing it to you GTA3 directory, or the car will crash your game.

Start Notepad and browse to the GTAIII\data\ directory (default path is c:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\ GTAIII\data\).  Open carcols.dat and add the following lines for the real life colours (between line ending '#94 dark 5' and the next line, that says 'end')

95,93,98			# 95 DarkSilver
253,236,67			# 96 LiquidYellow
0,0,67			# 97 IndyBlue
84,173,240			# 98 ElectricBlue
0,39,4			# 99 BritishRacingGreen
177,177,181			# 100 PureSilver
188,0,0			# 101 ChiliRed
77,0,9			# 102 VelvetRed
200,193,186			# 103 Pepper White

Then replace the infernus line in carcols.dat with:
infernus, 103, 1

Save carcols.dat and, still in Notepad, open default.ide from the same directory.

Replace the infernus line in default.ide with:
101, 	infernus, 	infernus, 	car, 	INFERNUS, 	INFERNS, 		executive, 	10, 6,	0,	089, 0.7

Save default.ide and, still in Notepad, open handling.cfg from the same directory.

Replace the INFERNUS line in handling.cfg with:
INFERNUS         1150.0 2.3 4.5 1.6 0.0 0.0 -0.25 70  1.10 0.84 0.53 5 225.0 29.0 F P 11.1  0.52 1 35.0  2.6  0.14 0.2  0.3  55000 0.25 -0.10 0.5  800B	1  1

Save handling.cfg and close Notepad.

Then open vehicles.col from the GTAIII\models\coll\ folder using the Collision File Editor and add the new infernus.col as follows.
	1/ File>Load and open vehicles.col 
	2/ Click on 'infernus' in the top frame to select it. 
	3/ Click the 'Rename' button (on the right hand side). Rename infernus to infern00.
	4/ Click the Import button (click 'Yes' to confirm and apply the changes you made to infernus) and find the new infernus.col. Click 'Open', then click 'infernus' in the next window to select it and click 'Import'
	5/ Click File>Save and 'Yes' to confirm that you want to overwrite vehicles.col

Close the Collision File Editor.

Finally, start IMG Explorer and open GTAIII\models\gta3.img to import the model and textures as follows.
	1/  Click 'Find' and type 'infernus', (without the ' ').  IMG Explorer deosn't scroll to the file after finding it, so after clicking 'Find Next' in the Find dialogue box, click cancel.
	2/  Click 'Rename' and the box should say either infernus.dff or infernus.txd.  Rename the file to infernusold.dff or infernusold.txd, depending on which one it found.
	3/  Click 'Find' again and find the next file named stinger.  Cancel the Find box again.
	4/  Click 'Rename' and the box should have the other of the two files (infernus.dff or infernus.txd).  Rename the file to infernusold.dff or infernusold.txd, depending on which one it found.
	5/  Click 'Add' and open my versions of infernus.dff and infernus.txd or just drag and drop them into the program window.
	6/  The program automatically rebuilds and saves the archive, so once the 'Working' window has dissappeared, click 'Open' and open txd.img from the same directory.
	7/  Click 'Find' again and find the next file named infernus.  Cancel the Find box again.
	8/  Click 'Rename' and the box should say stinger.txd.  Rename the file to infernusold.txd.
	9/  Click 'Add' and open my version of infernus.txd.

Close IMG Explorer.

If you have GXT Editor, open american.gxt (in GTAIII\text\ ), scroll down the list until you get to INFERNUS, double click on it, and change the text in the larger part of the window from 'Infernus' to 'MINI Cooper'.  Click 'Update', then File>Save.

That's it, now go play!


infernus, 10,73, 12,74, 42,75, 50,73, 57,74, 61,75, 54,73, 13,74

101, 	infernus, 	infernus, 	car, 	INFERNUS, 	INFERNS, 		executive, 	10, 6,	0,	160, 0.7

INFERNUS        1600.0 2.0 4.4 1.1 0.0 0.0 -0.3  70  1.1  0.82 0.53 5 240.0 25.0 R P 11.0  0.52 0 30.0  2.2  0.1  0.30 0.9  95000 0.25 -0.14 0.5  8181		0  1

Use IMGExplorer to open gta3.img and delete my versions of infernus.dff and infernus.txd, then search for and rename infernusold.dff and infernusold.txd to infernus.dff and infernus.txd.  Do the same for infernus.txd in txd.img.

Use Collision File Editor to open vehicles.col, find and select the MINI-shaped infernus from list (should be at the end).  Click 'Delete' and 'Yes' to confirm.  Find infern00 and rename it back to infernus then save, confirm the changes and overwrite vehicles.col.


TXDGold  Create your own .txd texture files, with support for large textures.
TXDTool again.  Useful for importing textures into .txd files when TXDGold has problems with them...
ZModeler  Excellent 3d modelling program, with free download and tutorials.  Create your own cars for GTA3, NFS series and many others, but save often; it crashes a lot...
Milkshape 3d  Another excellent shareware 3d modeller.  I used it to convert Stecki's original .obj files into .3ds for importing into Zmodeler.

OTHER USEFUL LINKS:	For answers to all the questions you could possibly ask about GTA3, and links to some good tutorials (I'm mrmunky on the gtaforums)		For all things New MINI (I'm Monkeyboy on the forums there)	If you don't believe how well a MINI can handle, check out the videos here!  This bloke is amazing.

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