GTA IV - Resident Evil IV MOD v1



This modification basically changes all of the people in the city into Zombies which will chase you all around the city! While this version does have a couple of bugs in the game, it is a brilliant mod although while it does have its good features including the massing of the zombies around the player, rather than eating the player they beat him up which isn't really zombie like but still it can be very difficult to do unless you have a machine gun or similar. That being said it adds a new gametype to GTA IV for those have completed the game several times.The premise is simple: install Resident Evil IV Mod, and GTA IV npcs are replaced by armies of the undead, who proceed mob Niko until he is killed. Its still a work in progress its intended to be played in classic zombie-killing fashion, meaning with melee weapons. Unfortunately, guns arent disabled, and the zombies still obey the standard games bystander rules. If you start using projectile or explosive weapons, the zombies run away from you as fast as they can, dashing your hopes of blowing them to bits with sticky bombs


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