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Vehicles BMW E90

BMW E90 car mod for GTA SA, custom texture is used for all vehicle parts. Also comes with car installer for easy installation.Custom coronaC...


Vehicle Packs Smakkie Mod v2

This is a mod for GTA SA to replace and add vehicles. This is the complete download for Smakkie Mod, there are some readme.txt's in the .rar...


Modifications GTA SA Ultimate Edition

This is a collection of pretty great mods that enhance the San Andreas experience out of the box and unlock all the islands and areas right...


Total Conversions San Andreas Copland 2006

This is a collection of over 160 GTA San Andreas modifications, made by independent authors all over the world who have come together to pro...


Modifications GTA San Andreas HD Mod

This mod by Rikintosh Dev Team converts the game's engine to support Direct X 10, in addition it has enhanced reflections, colors, objects a...


Models Irizar New Century Model

This is an Irizar New Century for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Models Civic Si & Civic EG6 Pack

Civic Si & Civic EG6 Pack for GTA San Andreas.Caution! Install with GGMM only.


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Modifications Neons for GTA SA Pack 3

Third project, new colors are located and even has two color mixes this third pack is more advanced than the other two.


Modifications GTA SAv.2.0 saves (v2.0)

Here are several saved games for GTA San Andreas, these are for Version 2 of the game for those of you that have it (the version that doesn'...


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Models Edited Sultan Model

This is an edited kick-ass model for sultan.


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Models Edited Buffalo model

This is a buffalo model edited by me.


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Models GTA SA Banshee Edited Model

This is a tuned banshee model edited by me, pleas e download it :)


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Models MALAYSIA street-cart stalls



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Models Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737 800

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737 800 for GTASA.THIS MOD WILL REPLACE AT-400 WITH A MALAYSIA AIRLINES BOEING 737 800.


Toyota Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 '68/'78

Here is the Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 '68/'78, a detailed and well made SUV that will either replace the mesa or any other 2 door car of your...


Modifications New Speedometer

Here is a modification that will add a new anologue speedometer to the screen when driving a vehicle. The speedometer does look fairly well...


Vehicles The Duel Peterbilt

This is the 1955 modified 281 Peterbilt and tanker from the 1971 movie “Duel” that will replace the petro and petrotr in GTA San Andreas. Th...


Vehicles 1949 Kenworth

Here is a 1949 Kenworth conventional that will replace the linerunner within GTA San Andreas, this truck is fairly detailed, well made and f...


Toyota Toyota Celica Supra Mk2

Here is the Toyota Celica Supra Mk2, a detailed and well made replacement for the ZR350 within GTA San Andreas. This car includes a detailed...


Toyota Toyota Sprinter Toreno AE86 GT-APEX

Here is the Toyota Sprinter Toreno AE86 GT-APEX , a fairly detailed and well made car that will replace the blista compact or any other two...