Give San Andreas modern graphics with this amazing pair of mods

By FileTrekker 6 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

It's been 14 years since I wrote my initial review of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for FileFront, as we were known at the time, and here I am still writing about it all these years later. There's no shortage of fans that still love this game, and it's still considered by many to be the best GTA game of all time.

It's great to see the modding scene for the game is still active, then, with this really impressive mod created by BandanaBoy33,  which upgrades the graphics engine in San Andreas to a more modern version of the Direct X API, and adds lots of new graphical effects, bells and whistles as a result. Realistic water, depth of field, dynamic lighting and other effects all combine to make the game look way better than it ever has before.

Combining the mod with a HD texture mod, such as the Insanity Retexture mod, leads to amazing results, as you can see from the video above - you'd not be blamed for thinking this was a more modern game like GTA V.

These two mods have definately given me the desire to give San Andreas another playthrough, so I can't reccomend these mods highly enough. If you want to try them yourself, you can grab SA_DirectX 2.0 here.


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