"Hot Coffee" named dumbest controversy in 2005

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Published by OmegaDir 17 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
Every year, Gamespy releases their top 10 games of 2005 including genre-specific awards. Then they get into the "special" awards which range from best music to best animation then to the end - things like "Trends We Hate" and of course "Dumbest Controversy". This year, they have decided to name Hot Coffee as the stupidest happening in the gaming world. Here's a snippet from the article: [quote]The "Hot Coffee" controversy that ensued was, in fact, a sad commentary on the current double-standard that exists in America today regarding sex and violence. Apparently, it's OK to have a game based around stealing cars, shooting police, and beating up innocent bystanders, but should anyone get nekkid, you should expect politicians to come running.[/quote] Check out the full atricle [url="http://goty.gamespy.com/2005/pc/index26.html"]here[/url].
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