Weekly Poll Results - Which is your favourite GTA so Far?

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Published by Danny 14 years ago , last updated 5 years ago

Which is your favourite GTA so Far?

GTA: San Andreas 45.7% (675)

GTA : IV 24.8% (367)

GTA : Vice City 11.1% (165)

GTA : III 7.5% (112)

GTA 2.1% (32)

GTA: Liberty City Stories 2.1% (31)

GTA : London 1.8% (28)

GTA : Vice City stories 1.8% (27)

GTA : Advance (GBA) 1.8% (27)

GTA : II 0.7% (11)

Total: 1475
Start: 06-19-2008 14:06
Last: 06-26-2008 13:24

 #1 - lol - Posted by: Maxrob (Member) on 06-21-2008 at 10:33
sooo ? GTA 4 aint even best rated ? LOL WHY DON T THEY GET THIS FREAKING GAME OUT FOR PC, wow why are game makers the dumbest ppl on earth ?? if i was at top of this crapy companie i'd get it OUT FOR PC LIIIIVE, wow if i was the owner of such a compagie what would it be ? i'd be the best or what ? GIVE THE CUSTOMERS WHAT THEY WANT FOR CHRIST SAKE AND STOP WAISTING OUR TIME OTHERWISE IDIOTS

 #2 - Posted by: rdbx (Member) on 06-23-2008 at 00:13
@#1 Game makers are dumb people? R* crap company? Why are you even here if you call R* a crap company? You a "saints row 2" san andreas rip off fan? You sir are really sad, I hardly doubt you could make anything similar to them. They wanna make money, they'll release a PC version when the console version calmed down already. You know, I'm pretty sure you will do the same thing if you were R*. Anyways, the only reason why game companies make games is because of money. And, the only reason why SA was top because most people started at SA, and has a lot of mods, AND because there is still no PC version of GTA4. Heck, the only reason why I'm playing SA is because of the mods, if a lot of people we're still developing mods for 3, I would have never re-installed SA in the first place, because SA was too cartoonish and had a really crap storyline. I mean, wtf, Cj gotta steal a plane?, Steal a jetpack? Greengoo(wtf is that)? The storyline was ok at LS, but when it came to SF and LV it became reeaaly bad. Also, fix your english, and learn how to use caps Anyways, I picked GTA3

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