Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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All Files In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Modifications
Modifications Girls Recruitable

This mod makes it so that cops are girls and recruitable!


Modifications New Vehicle Textures

This mod replaces the vehicle.txd file. It gives: - New steering wheels (like wooden skin) - Cars get large rust splotch and blood too -...


Modifications "Krunk" - Pedestrian Pack Part 2 of 7

Here is the Krunk Pedestrian Pack, this is Part 2 of 7. This pack contains lots of different pedestrian models that can either replace any p...


Modifications King Kong Pack

Here is a modification that will add several posters of the recent King Kong Movie to several billboards within in San Andreas, this modific...


Modifications Blue Skies Mod

Not a fan of the Orange Red skys of San Andreas? Make them the true color of the sky! BLUE!


Modifications Slow Peds Mod

Well the title kinda says it all, short and sweet. This mod for San Andreas will slow the pedestrians down. San Andreas has caught old woman...


Modifications The Chaos Mod

This mod creates total chaos in San Andreas, causing all the pedestrians to be fighting each other.... its like a gang war out there :p


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Modifications New Wheels

This will replace the origonal wheels in San Andreas with some new ones for you to put a bit more life into the cars in your game.


Modifications Hitman Level For All Weapons

This mod allows you to have Hitman level for all weapons without actually having the required 1000 skill level points.


Modifications Gang War Mod

This mod means that gangs will spawn all over San Andreas, and they'll immediatly have a blood thirsty need to disembody each other, also t...


Modifications Atmosphere Pack

Now you can change the atmosphere in San Andreas to one of three colours, a gray, blue or myst green. check it out! looks cool.


Modifications Time Sync Tool

This tool keeps changing the clock in San Andreas in real time so that the time in game is exactly this same as the time on your system cloc...


Modifications 10x Draw Distance

Installing this mod will give you ten times the usual draw distance. Beware low end system users, this can and will cause some slowdown ;)


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Modifications San Andreas Realism Mod

This is a small mod which changes the behaviour of the cops, the prices of the weapons and the damage weapons do. Go have a look at it ;)


Modifications Weak Police

The Cops is not strong anymore, he flees more, his Fear is down to 0, and his shooting range is 0.1 etc. :)


Modifications Intro Skipper

This will replace the logo and into videos with blank ones. This will save some space and time. Its ideal for modders.


Modifications Particle Enhancement

This is a modification which will change the effects as such. Here's a list of changes: Explosives Blood Textures (from VC: Better Bloo...


Modifications No Rust And Dirt

Well, like the name says: Your cars won't have anymore problems regarding dirt and rust ;) This makes the cars look a bit better.


Modifications Real Life Car Names

A simple mod which changes the car names in San Andreas to real name :) Go have a look at it.


Modifications Double yield any weapon

Yes.. Double yield any weapon. How cool is that?


Modifications Sa Place Manager..

Not technically a mod.. Still cool... "This program will allow you to manage, add, remove, and edit custom 'places', locations you can...


Modifications Ultimate SA Deleted Vehicles Mod (by the Dude)

This mod puts all the deleted SA Vehicles back in the game. The Enforcer is replaced with the FBI Truck, the Barracks is replaced with the S...


Modifications Multi mod By Chris

This is my MultiMod 2V, and contains 3 new mods. The first mod will let you buy rusty brown's ring dounut's in the Cluckin' Bell, Wel...


Modifications Empty Streets

Thanks to this file all streets will be empty, no cars and no people walking around on the streets. This will be helpfull for some race-mis...