Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Police Cars

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Honolulu police car CleemN & Scheafft 3.19MB 683
NEW LSPD POLICE CAR bxbugs123 2.26MB 531
Peel Regional Police and OPP Ranger Cars Blackhawk777 4.99MB 1,158
Peel Regional Police (SF and LS) Blackhawk777 1.36MB 694
Police Car - OPP - White Version Blackhawk777 1.93MB 1,045
Caprice Police Car KURT370 1.97MB 996
Unmarked Peel Regional Police V2 Blackhawk777 2.32MB 529
Unmarked Peel Regional Police Car Blackhawk777 2.46MB 457
NYPD Police Car Blackhawk777 2.52MB 2,811
Peel Police (2006 Dodge Charger SRT8) Blackhawk777 1.58MB 1,215
Charleston Police Dodge Charger SRT8 Impostor-3D 1.09MB 5,427
Ford Crown Victoria Blackasian69 1.53MB 469
Burlington Police Blackhawk777 1.03MB 558
Maverick Peel Regional Police Special Response Team Blackhawk777 0B 602
Ford Crown Victoria 03 SAPD Phil Morrow 5.26MB 1,962
Peel Ford Crown Victoria Police (SF & LS) Blackhawk777 7.1MB 1,047
Calgary PD Blackhawk777 3.16MB 510
Peel Police (2006 Dodge Charger SRT8) Blackhawk777 913KB 1,141
Oakland PD - Ford Crown Victoria Blackhawk777 3.42MB 376
Oakland PD - Ford Crown Victoria - LED Version Blackhawk777 3.41MB 910
Calgary PD - Ford Crown Victoria - LED Version Blackhawk777 3.24MB 668
Peel Ford Crown Victoria Police (SF & LS) - LED Version Blackhawk777 6.38MB 864
Indiana State Police Crown Victoria re-texture LARRY BARNETT 3.05MB 485
Indiana Marion County Police Sheriff Car (Caprice) LARRY BARNETT 1.94MB 558
Toronto Police Car Ford Crown Victoria Blackhawk777 3.79MB 942
Police Hovering Moonbeam GTA44 128KB 390
Miami-Dade Caprice Tom Novage 1.46MB 636
Chevrolet Blazer Sheriff Swapnil Joshi 853KB 514
Gta Sa Dodge Charger Police Car bxbugs123 1.68MB 3,194
Michigan State Trooper Police Cars bxbugs123 5.89MB 803
Michigan State Police Car (another version) bxbugs123 1.49MB 328
montgomery county police car bxbugs123 4.8MB 297
Chicago Crown Victoria Police Car bxbugs123 8.37MB 1,080
Washington DC Police Car bxbugs123 4.17MB 863
GTA 4 NOoSE Cars skin mod for GTA SA bxbugs123 6.41MB 2,164
Newark,NJ N.P.D Traffic unit GTAFRAK1151 3.17MB 372
1985 Ford Crown Victoria Slicktop Police bxbugs123 1.75MB 459
Japanese Police Car bxbugs123 2.42MB 327
New SAPD Slicktop Police Cars bxbugs123 4.76MB 274
Caprice SA Highway Patrol Tom Novage 2.3MB 197
NJ Newark Police Traffic Unit 2008 Final gtafreak1151 4.19MB 260
NJ Transit Police gtafreak1151 3.8MB 195
Newark,NJ Essex County Sheriffs Dep. gtafreak1151 4.01MB 600
U.S. Marshal Police Schaefft and bxbugs123 7.22MB 683
Qc_Provincial_Copcar olmstead007 3.82MB 153
Gatineau_Copcar olmstead007 3.49MB 888
Gatineau Ambulance olmstead007 1.54MB 467
Montgomery County Police Car bxbugs123 5.29MB 346
San Andreas State Trooper bxbugs123 2.78MB 315
Montreal_Copcar olmstead007 4.82MB 1,351
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