Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Weapons Modifications

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All Files In This Category
Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Remington Rifle SWYV 399KB 594
Skateboard Weapon Chris82 5KB 679
Double Wield All Weapons Blue Zircon 8KB 4371
Weapon Aiming Fix Tool Blue Zircon 7KB 811
Use the Force Guest 2KB 841
Dynamite Mod Psy 16KB 845
Desert Eagle Gold Skin man980 26KB 2259
Desert Eagle Silver Skin man980 27KB 1240
Beretta 92 FS man980 379KB 3064
Hi Definition Weapons Textures Game Masta 63KB 1076
French Spas 12 man980 86KB 788
Gold Knuckles Dany 2KB 481
Blood Covered Katana Markovic89 3KB 642
Total Weapon Replacement Silent Viper 0B 7446
-MoeRon's Crossbow- MoeRon 202KB 2711
Glock 37 Silenced Kyo 245KB 1790
Glock 17 MGSV 104KB 2234
G3SG-1 MGSV 410KB 990
Unreal Tournament 2003 Rocket Launcher Guest 1.06MB 494
MP5 Silenced InDoMoNKeY 7KB 582
SG-552 MGSV 315KB 821
Jarra Mono Arsenal Commando Funebrero 1.76MB 1224
Modern Weapons Pack Volume I Commando Funebrero 564KB 4832
Grim's Weapon Pack Volume 1 Grim. 3.25MB 2701
Seal Assault Pack Silent Viper 192KB 777
UZI for San Andreas Dillyracer 14KB 1697
Machete Daalyman 18KB 739
Wooden Lousville Slugger Guest 2KB 156
Dragon Lord Knife WowVital 23KB 2990
Invisible AK47 Roy_Mafioso 4KB 98
PSG-1 Sniper Rifle Snoop. 178KB 1225
M4 to M16 Conversion renny90 78KB 352
Machete renny90 47KB 162
Cleaver Weapon renny90 72KB 332
High-Res Spray Can smiler 101KB 261
STIHL Chainsaw renny90 139KB 862
Postal 2 Weapons Bandit 1.28MB 639
XM8 Thor 100KB 914
Sniper Mod bumuckl 84KB 624
Dakine Bag Pro II JVT 61KB 1261
New High Resolution Spraycan smiler 342KB 296
Silenced Jati-Matic SMG SwedishMafia 152KB 549
Egyptian Falcon Knife WowVital 80KB 1305
Colt 45 Silber-ALU Style sr50-raser 344KB 754
Fantasy Sword DJ_D 75KB 1042
Thompson 1928 - Tommy Gun Blue Zircon 92KB 1663
Quake III Weapons Bandit 472KB 844
Italian style Stiletto Switchblade Bryan 139KB 979
Jarra Mono Arsenal Commando Funebrero 1.44MB 3628
Beretta 85 FS SwedishMafia 44KB 666