1950 Buick Custom

Here is the 1950 Buick Custom, a well made and detailed car that will replace the remington within GTA San Andreas. The Buick 1950 Custom is...


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Here is the 1950 Buick Custom, a well made and detailed car that will replace the remington within GTA San Andreas. The Buick 1950 Custom is a lowrider and has the option to customise several different parts of the car at Loco-Low. There are 5 different front bumpers, a pair of custom lamps, as well as the switching the colour, Nitros, hydraulics, Audio Bass Boost and others are included.

Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files, just incase you mess up your computer or you do not like this modification.

Required Files IMG TOOL V2

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Download 'sa_1950buickcustom.rar' (4.24MB)

Buick 1950 Custom (for San Andreas) - Readme Version 1.0 (December 2005)

Original Author: HarLequiN (www.elmargrussling.com)

working time: around 170 hours.

Polycount: 47194 Polygons (Includes the base mesh, damage, collision and shadow objects; Polycount may be driven upwards when ingame and using tuningobjects!)

Although my files are not locked you are only allowed to alter or release them with my permission! Under NO circumstances do I want to see MY WORK released under a different author-name!!! Building a 3D-Model of a car and converting it into a game takes a lot of time and effort and since I'm egocentric I do want the glory which I deserve!!! :-))))

How to get this car into the game:

1.) General stuff:
Please use this car only as a replacement for the Remington!! If you replace another car than the Remington you have to know precisely what you are doing, otherwise the game will crash!
I've written this tutorial as detailed and complete as possible so that even Newbies to GTA-Modding should get the job done without problems. I hope that the length of this text doesn't piss you off, if you replace a car more often you will quickly get a kind of routine! I just tried to do this as detailed and correct as possible so that even total Noobs simply cannot make a single mistake! If you don't want to read through all of this then please refer to the short-readme included in the Buick archive! The professionals will find all relevant data there!
If there are problems and you think that you did everything according to plan write me an e-mail and describe your problem. If you say "Shit, that fuck doesn't work!!" it's really hard for me to give help!
All tools you need to replace this car are available on the site www.gta-action.com (left menu -> downloads -> tools) or on any other big GTA-site. You'll need the following tools to get the job done:

- Spark v0.9.2002 (when this mod is released this is the current version - you can also use the ImageTool but I think the Spark-Editor is more comfortable and easier to use!)
- Windows Editor/ Wordpad/ whatever (just a simple editor Editor)

This car is a lowrider and offers the option to customize it in Loco-Low! It has 5 different frontbumpers, a pair of customlamps on the a-pillar and the usual options of switching the colour, Nitrous, Lowriderhydraulics, Audio-Bass-Boost and to install new wheels.

Speaking of wheels there is a mod I strongly recommend when using the Buick:
- Wheel Deal 1.0 (by Ducati 996), the best wheelmod to date! All (really miserable) wheels from the San Andreas Tuning-Shops are replaced with high-quality ones. At the end of the readme you'll find suitable data for this mod so that you're able to customize the Buick with the optimal mixture of wheels. You can find this mod on gta-action -> left menu -> downloads -> mods -> wheels.

And now let's get on with the Buick!

2.) First steps:
First I recommend making a backup of the WHOLE San Andreas directory. If you ain't got enough drive space just backup the files BEFORE you edit them!

Then get rid of the write-protection of the whole San Andreas directory and all its sub-directories and files.
This step is important 'cause otherwise you can't edit the files!

3.) Changing the car-model:
Start the Spark-Editor and open the file gta3.img (in the sub directory "models" of the San Andreas main directory).
This file contains almost all 3D-meshes and texture data used in the game so be very careful when deleting something here, you can fragg your game when doing a mistake!
To the left you have a long list of objects, which aren't important right now. Most of the time you'll work with the search-function (CTRL+F). Search for these objects and delete them:


You'll find 8 Files with those names in the Buick Archive (except remingtn1.txd, remingtn2.txd & remingtn3.txd). Mark those files and drag+drop them into the left list-column of the Spark-Editor, like you're used to from various Windows applications. If you'll scroll down to the end of the list-column you'll see the newly added files written fat. That means that they're not saved yet. Save them and close the editor!

4.) Editing the game-data:
Now comes the main-part of work and the part where you can do the most mistakes. If your game crashes afterwards you most surely did something wrong in this chapter so pay extra-close attention!

4.a) Editing the car-colours:
First open the Windows-explorer and get yourself into the San Andreas Main Directory and then into the sub-directory "data". Open the file "carcols.dat" using wordpad or windows editor.
This file is used to define the car-colours. There are 2 areas here, first the area where each colour-mixture is defined and second the area where each combination of colours is defined specifically for each car.
The first area starts right at the beginning of the file. It's a list of ID-numbers, beginning with "# 0 black" and ranging to "# 126 pink".
Under "# 126 pink" you'll need to insert those lines:

# Buick
30,30,30			# 127 dark mother			grey
10,10,10			# 128 nearly black			grey
128,0,0				# 129 wine red				red
83,0,0				# 130 wine red dark			red
33,0,128			# 131 dark purple			blue
19,0,77				# 132 dark purple dark			blue
142,123,171			# 133 light purple			blue
112,93,141			# 134 light purple dark			blue
221,0,0				# 135 redred				red
0,64,0				# 136 greengreen			green

Those are special colourmixtures which I designed specifically for the Buick.
Then use the searchfunction (CTRL+F) and search for the word "remingtn". That's where the colour-variations for the Remington-car are stored, which you'll going to replace with the Buick. Replace the whole line with that one:

remingtn, 127,128, 129,130, 131,132, 133,134, 127,135, 136,136, 129,135, 129,127

Pay attention that you don't alter the lines of any other car!
Save and close the file!

4.b) Editing the tuninglist:
Somewhere under the file "carcols.dat" (in the "data" directory) you'll find the file "carmods.dat". Open it with the editor or wordpad.
This file is used by the game to specifically define which tuning-object is used by which car, or in other words in which data from the "gta3.img" the Customparts of the Buick are stored.
Again search for the name "remingtn". Be careful, perhaps the data after "remingtn" reaches over more than 1 line so pay attention that you don't accidentally edit lines of other cars or that you forget to delete all remingtn-tuningparts.
Simply mark the whole line (or lines) for the "remingtn" and replace them with the line below:

remingtn, fbmp_lr_rem1, fbmp_lr_rem2, fbmp_lr_rem3, fbmp_lr_rem4, fbmp_lr_rem5, misc_c_lr_rem1, nto_b_l, nto_b_s, nto_b_tw

Save and close the file!

4.c) Altering the Handling of the car:
Open the file "handling.cfg" (in the "data" directory". That's perhaps the most powerful file in the whole game cause it contains all the data necessary to define if the car reacts like a rocket or more like a mole. There are lots of different editors you can use to precisely define your cars statistics.
Again search for "remingtn". Replace the whole part with the part below:

REMINGTN	2500	4712.5	2	0.0	0	0.0	-1	1	0.5	0.51	5	250	30	15.0	R	P	3.5	0.60	0	40	1.0	0.05	0.0	0.35	-0.20	0.5	0.0	0.25	0.2	50000	40002000	2000001	1	3	0

Save and close!

4.d) Editing your shopping list:
We're still in the "data" directory and will stay here. Open the file "shopping.dat". Every buyable part in the game is defined here and the new or altered parts of the Buick are too.
Pay close attention now! At the top of the file you'll find an area with the title "section CarMods" (If you can't find it use the search-function and buy some glasses!). Scroll down, till you'll see "# END OF REMMINGTON" somewhere to the right. All entries in the lines above (up to "# END OF BLADE", that's the car before the Remington), are related to the Remington. Mark all entries between "# END OF BLADE" and "# END OF REMMINGTON" and replace them with those entries here:

		fbmp_lr_rem5		REME2		respect 0 	sexy 0		2500
		fbmp_lr_rem1		REMFF1		respect 0 	sexy 0		2150	
		fbmp_lr_rem2		REMFF2		respect 0 	sexy 0		2040
		fbmp_lr_rem3		REMRF1	   	respect 0 	sexy 0		2130
		fbmp_lr_rem4		REMRF2		respect 0 	sexy 0		2050
		misc_c_lr_rem1		REMCG		respect 0 	sexy 0		200		# END OF REMMINGTON

Don't get distracted by the fact that my lines aren't as many as the ones originally used for the Remington, everything is as it should be!
Don't close the file, instead scroll down to the section "section carmod2 # Lowriders" (or use the search! ;-) ). Here you'll again find lots of lines for the Remington, this time not below the lines of the Blade, but instead under the lines for the Broadway. Again mark all entries for the remingtn and replace them with those lines:

		item fbmp_lr_rem5
		item fbmp_lr_rem1
		item fbmp_lr_rem2
		item misc_c_lr_rem1
		item fbmp_lr_rem3
		item fbmp_lr_rem4		# END OF REMMINGTON

Now you can save and close the file!
Attention: My experience is that most mistakes happen in that file! I myself have accidentally deleted parts of lines related to other cars than the Remingtn and my game used to crash or was buggy after that. So be extremely careful when editing the "shopping.dat". Just be sure that you ONLY replace the lines between "# END OF REMMINGTON" and the end of the car before that!!! Then everything should be fine!

4.e) Some smaller things:
Open the file "vehicles.ide" (still the data-directory). Various informations are stored here, like in what shop your car is going to be customized and more, but most importantly the size of the wheels.
Again search for "remingtn" or scroll down to the line 534. Again mark all entries related to the Remington (also the number 534!) and replace them with the line below:

534, 	remingtn, 	remingtn, 	car, 		REMINGTN, 	REMING, 	null,	executive,	10, 	0,	0,		-1, 0.84, 0.84,		2

Pay attention that you don't delete parts of line 535 (which is related to the car "Slamvan").
Save and close!

4.f) Manipulating the tuning-catalog:
Now change from the directory "data" into its sub-directory "maps" and then further on into the sub-directory "veh_mods". There you'll find just 1 file, the "veh_mods.ide", which you open now.
That's a kind of catalog, each tuning-part is defined in a specific line.
Now it is important that you pay attention to the first 4 numbers of the lines, NOT the content following them!!! You can only have a certain amount of tuning-parts in that file so some of the custom-parts that the Remington used will need to be replaced by parts only designed for the Buick.
Although you already did change the parts itself in the "gta3.img" you'll need to tell the game in the veh_mods.ide that those parts are used for customizing and tuning.
The following 5 lines have 4 numbers at the beginning. In the "veh_mods.ide" search for the lines beginning with those 4 numbers and replace the WHOLE line with the lines below!

1127, fbmp_lr_rem5, remingtn, 100, 2101248

1178, fbmp_lr_rem3, remingtn, 100, 2101248

1179, fbmp_lr_rem1, remingtn, 100, 2101248

1180, fbmp_lr_rem4, remingtn, 100, 2101248

1185, fbmp_lr_rem2, remingtn, 100, 2101248

Like I said, pay attention that the 4 numbers at the beginning of the line you'll be replacing are the correct numbers, otherwise your game won't work correct!
Now save and close!

5.) Editing the language-file:
We're almost done. But you'll have to name the new tuning objects! Since this is relatively complicated I'll save the exact steps for the professionals. The beginners just need to replace the file "american.gxt" located in the "text" sub-directory of the San Andreas main-directory with the "american.gxt" you'll find in the Buick-archive!

Attention!!!: If you edited the file in a previous mod you will have to replace the names in the american.gxt by hand, because if you simply replace the file all your previous work will be undone by this step! You'll have to use the "GXT-Editor" for that. I altered the values of the following entry-names:


Simply look at my american.gxt and use the same names I used!
Actually this step is unnecessary most of the time because there aren't many mods where you need to alter the gxt-files. Like I said you most surely just need to replace the gxt-file and that's it!

That's it ( :-) ). Now you can spread havoc in San Andreas with the Buick! The Remington drives around in Los Santos most of the time so you shouldn't have problems finding it.

Have fun!! ;-)

P.S.: Other things:

A) Better reflections (Optional):
San Andreas has a bad style of doing reflections on the cars (opposite to Vice City where the Reflectionmaps worked just fine). The reflectionmap is sometimes scaled badly which will give you an unrealistic ugly "stripe" look, which sucks big time with the chrome effects (if you don't know what I mean just look at the rearbumper of the Buick or the sidepipes!).
If you're distracted by that there's a small trick. The well-known modder Ashdexx developed a GFX-Hack which corrects that little mistake in the San Andreas engine. You'll find this hack under the URL "http://www.tjbp.net/dexxhole/SAgfxHack_beta.rar".
The whole thing works like that:
First copy the "SAgfxHack.exe" into the San Andreas main directory and start it. There's a menubutton "Launch SA" which you'll press. Then get ingame (really ingame, not just into the start-screen!) and when inside change to Windows again (ALT+TAB). Then press the button "ReflectionFix" in the GFX-Hack and when back in the game your reflections will be correct.
Note: You'll need to do this each time you start San Andreas!

B) Ducati's Wheelmod (Wheel Deal 1.0 -> download it from gta-action) - (Optional)
If you use Ducatis wheelmod I recommend using the following data:
In carmods.dat use the following line instead of the original ones:

0, wheel_gn1, wheel_gn2, wheel_gn3, wheel_gn4, wheel_gn5, wheel_or1, wheel_lr2, wheel_sr4, wheel_sr5, wheel_sr6, wheel_lr5, wheel_sr3
1, wheel_sr1, wheel_sr2, wheel_sr3, wheel_sr4, wheel_sr5, wheel_sr6, wheel_gn5, wheel_lr2, wheel_or1, wheel_gn1, wheel_gn4, wheel_lr5
2, wheel_lr1, wheel_lr2, wheel_lr3, wheel_lr4, wheel_lr5, wheel_gn5, wheel_sr4, wheel_sr5, wheel_sr6, wheel_gn1, wheel_gn4, wheel_sr3

In "shopping.dat" you'll need to delete all entries of the wheels (located almost at the bottom of the file or search for "section carmod1 # Normal Cars", "section carmod2 # Lowriders" and "section carmod3 # Street Racers") and replace them with the ones below:

section carmod1 # Normal Cars

		item wheel_gn1
		item wheel_gn2
		item wheel_gn3
		item wheel_gn4
		item wheel_gn5
		item wheel_or1
		item wheel_lr2
		item wheel_sr4
		item wheel_sr5
		item wheel_sr6
		item wheel_lr5
		item wheel_sr3

section carmod2 # Lowriders

		item wheel_lr1
		item wheel_lr2
		item wheel_lr3
		item wheel_lr4
		item wheel_lr5
		item wheel_gn5
		item wheel_sr4
		item wheel_sr5
		item wheel_sr6
		item wheel_gn1
		item wheel_gn4
		item wheel_sr3

section carmod3 # Street Racers

		item wheel_sr1
		item wheel_sr2
		item wheel_sr3
		item wheel_sr4
		item wheel_sr5
		item wheel_sr6
		item wheel_gn5
		item wheel_lr2
		item wheel_or1
		item wheel_gn1
		item wheel_gn4
		item wheel_lr5

Of course you don't have to alter those entries at all but I think you'll get better customizing-options by using my entries!

Betatesting: JACK RabbitZ; TommyXXLKnoch; The Wurst; Svenn; Ducati996; FUBAR; Demoniac; Bonsaijodlfisch; Mantafahrer (Muchos Gracias!!!)

Permission THX (for Textures): JACK RabbitZ; Son Coco; Ducati996 

Other THX: First of all are JACK RABBITz and FUBAR. Without their help and Tutorials I would have never got the Buick ingame! Of course all betatesters, Woofi (for help and inspiration!); the whole gta-community (for support and help) ; Daniel Buck (for some great tutorials); www.cardomain.com (for lots of reference fotos); Oleg (for his superb program Z-Modeler!!!); Chrom & Flammen (without them that car would never even have spawned in my mind!); Ashdexx (for the GFX-Hack); Mindfuck (for Help with the Tuningparts!)

used programs:
-Zanoza Modeler V1.07b
-Zanoza Modeler V2.0.6
-TXD Builder
-TXD Workshop 3.7
-Vice TXD
-Paint Shop Pro 7
-Paint Shop Pro 9
-Adobe Photoshop 7.0
-ACDSee 7.0
-XN View

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