1967 Pontiac GTO

Here is a car modification that will replace the Voodoo, with that of a very well made detailed 1967 Pontiac GTO that has been created by Ju...


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Here is a car modification that will replace the Voodoo, with that of a very well made detailed 1967 Pontiac GTO that has been created by Juha ''Turpuli'' Laaksonen. This model comes with several different skins including a blue, green, grey and a flame skin. (you must purchase these to see them in game, you might see these in game however). This modification also includes several different modable items that can be added to the car such as a hood scoop, vents, fog lights, nitros amongst other items.

Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just incase, either you do not like this modification or this messes up your game.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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Download 'sa67gto.zip' (941KB)

1967 Pontiac GTO
for GTA: San Andreas
(for GTA3/GTA:VC versions, please visit my website)

Created by: Juha "Turpuli" Laaksonen
e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
website: http://just-go.to/turpuli/
	 http://koti.mbnet.fi/turpuli  (in finnish!)

Release date: 3rd December 2005
(for possible updates, please visit my website)

More detailed installation instructions in inst.txt!!

Remember to check out the little style guide I made for this!!
You can find it at my site: http://just-go.to/turpuli/
Just click '67 GTO on the menu!

Two extra wheels included!!  They replace "Import" (wheel_gn1)
and "Virtual" (wheel_gn4).  Wheel_gn1 is "the xXx wheel" ;)
Installation instructions for the extra wheels in wheelins.txt!!

all parts (not the dummies, shadow or coll): 18866

=========== Car Settings ============
Recommended car to replace: Voodoo
Or if you want to be able to change the secondary
color in TransFenders: Blade  (not tested by me)

1800.0    4411.5   2.0    0.0 0.0 -0.2 70  0.88 0.78 0.50 		5 240.0 29.0 10.0 R P 	7.0  0.50 0 25.0  	1.0  0.08  0.0   0.23 -0.07 0.5  0.6		0.26 0.41 30000 	40002000			14008		1  1	0

vehicles.ide (the last 4):
-1, 0.72, 0.74,		0

0,0, 1,1, 3,3, 49,0, 51,51, 53,53, 55,0, 80,1

bnt_b_sc_m, bntl_b_sq, bntl_b_ov, lgt_b_rspt, lgt_b_sspt, nto_b_l, nto_b_s, nto_b_tw, rf_b_sc_r, spl_b_bar_m, spl_b_bbr_m, spl_b_mar_m, spl_b_bbb_m, spl_b_bab_m, spl_b_mab_m, wg_l_b_ssk

===== Car mods in Transfenders ======

- 4 Paintjobs
- Hood scoop
- (Hood) Vents (2)
- (Fog) Lights (2)
- Nitros (2,5 and 10)
- Roof scoop
- Spoilers (6)
- Side skirts
- Normal stuff (Wheels, Car stereo, Hydraulics, Colors)

**NOTE:** if you want to get different color with paintjobs, first buy a
paintjob and then go to colors!!
Also, if you replaced the Voodoo, remember to set the stripe color to
what you want (in pay'n'spray) before getting a paintjob!!

======= Stuff =======

You may upload this to your site if you want but
only if you don't chance the contents of the zip 
file in any way!  And please do send me an e-mail
if you add this to your site!  I insist!  :)

If you want to 
 - modify and release the modified car
 - convert the car to another game
 - make the car a part of some mod
e-mail me and ask for permission first!  I might not
answer in the same day or even in the same week, though.

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