1972 Chevrolet k-Blazer

Here is the 1972 Chevrolet k-Blazer, a detailed and well made car that will either replace the sandking or any car of your choice within GTA...


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Here is the 1972 Chevrolet k-Blazer, a detailed and well made car that will either replace the sandking or any car of your choice within GTA San Andreas. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

This car has been created by carface and 123abc

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Download '1972_chevrolet_kblazer_by_carface.rar' (972KB)

1972 Chevrolet k-Blazer (near stock) By Carface and 123abc 

No request plz
[email protected]

If you have saved vehicles, make sure that the vehicle you are about to replace doesn't have ANY mods intalled specially HYDRAULICS or else your truck will be UNDRIVABLE! Find a gta san andreas trainer and remove the mods or start a new game.

Note that this mod uses textures from ORIGINAL GTA Vehicles.txd
plate Number
windshield crack
Headlights and taillights

If you alter Vehicle.txd there might be a chance these texture on this mod will not display properly

Depending on graphic cards, this car is best viewed on 32BIT color, if you have 16-BIT you may some dithering...may not be pretty..

-Modelled and textured chasiss and engine (based on actual 1972 k-blazer)
-Damagable Fender (wings), Hood (bonnet), Bumpers, Windscreen and doors
-Animated suspension (courtesy of 123abc)
-Fully textured maped model (re-paintable body)

IMG Tool 2.0 (GTAgarage.com)
GTA San Andreas


1. Open IMG tool 2.0 and load gta3.img and find the vehicle you want to delete. (for now let say sandking) 
2. Find and delete the dff and txd ascociated with the name of the vehicle you want to replace (for example sandking.dff and sandking.txd).

to delete just select the file and hit "delete button (one at a time)

3. Add the new dff and txd file (one at a time) by going command ->add

4. Rebuild the archives (may takes several minutes)

5. On handling.cfg ise this line:

SANDKING	2000.0	4000.0	2.2	0.0	0.0	-0.01	80	0.75	0.85	0.5	5	170.0	28.0	10.0	4	D	8.0	0.50	0	30.0	0.8	0.08	0.0	0.35	-0.10	0.5	0.0	0.38	0.35	40000	222040	1300000	2	3	22

6. On vehicles.ide

495,	sandking, 	sandking, 	mtruck, 	SANDKING, 	SANDKIN, 	null,	ignore, 	4,	0,	0,		-1, 0.92, 0.92,		-1

7. Open carcols.dat

sandking, 123,111, 119,90, 108,118, 116,118, 75,90, 123,110, 88,102, 3,14

NOTICE if you are not sure how to replace the car, go to gtaforums.com or search on google for tutorials (which is abundant)

OPTIONAL (for better reflection)
Ashdexx made a hack program to alter GTA San Andreas game engine's reflection. 

Note this program is in Beta state so it may not run perfectly. Please go to http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=225561 for more information about this program

To download:


1. Run SAgfxHack.exe and click Run SA (this will load GTa San Andreas)
2. then load a save game 
3. Alt-Tab back to GFX Hack and click "reflection fix"
4. Return to GTA San Andreas

If the this method didnt owrk try this alternative

1. put the SAgfxHack.exe into GTA San Andreas directory
2. Run GTA San Andreas and load a save game
3. Alt-Tab and run SAgfxHack.exe and click "reflection fix"
4. return to GTa San Adndreas

Thanks to:
123abc - for putting the truck in game, setting up the handling, adding animated suspension and fixing a lot of my mistakes.
Harelquin - for some lovely advice on adding reflection
ashdexx - for making SA GFXhack
Brendan62 - for some good advice for reflection and putting in game.
Gtaforums members - for good comments and suggestion.

Me or 123abc doesnt take any responsibility for any "screw up". If you never done this modding before, do it at own risk and make sure you know what you are doing.

No unauthorized use of this model unless there is a written permission.

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