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1972 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

contmark.zip —


Here is a modification that will replace the Virgo within GTA: San Andreas with a 1972 Lincoln Continental Mark IV. Please note that ImgTool is required for this modification to function and to be installed. Also it is highly recommended that you backup any files that you will overwrite.

Required Files

IMG Tool V2



          ...::: '72 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL MARK IV :::...		GTA SAN ANDREAS Edition

original car by matka626
e-mail: [email protected]
converted for GTA SA by Hans 
e-mail: [email protected]

!!!don't modify and convert this car to another game without my permission!!!

1.	Start IMGTOOL v2.0 and open GTA3.IMG. In it search for the genuine
"virgo.dff" and rename it to "virgo.dffbak". Now
add the "virgo.dff" (the one included within this Zip Archive)!

2.	Close GTA3.IMG or IMGTOOL v2.0 (then you gotta start IMGTOOL again) and
open the TXD.IMG file. Search for the genuine
"virgo.txd" and rename it to "virgo.txdbak", then add the
"virgo.txd" (again the one included within this Zip Archive)!

3.	Open VEHICLES.IDE in your game folder and replace the existing virgo line with this one:

491, 	virgo, 		virgo, 		car, 		VIRGO,	 	VIRGO, 		null,	normal,		10, 	0,	0,		 1, 0.9, 0.9,		0

4. 	Enjoy your new ride!

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