1986 Hummer Police Vehicle



Here is a very nicely detailed 1986 Hummer Police Vehicle. This modification will replace the Ranger within GTA San Andreas. This car would is recommended for those that like to drive as the police as this is a fun drive. You do not have to replace the Ranger, this can also replace any car with four doors (you will have to rename the file first).

Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files, just incase you mess up your computer or you do not like this modification.

Required Files IMG TOOL V2



******************************************************FOR EYES ONLY***************************************************
       |1986 Hummer Police Vehicle               |
       |                                 	 |
       |Original model by: GTAGUY                |
       |Police Conversion by: F5544              |
       | 	                                 |
       |	                                 |

Installation instructions:

1. Open IMG Editor v2 and go file menu and then open gta3.img on /model directory of San Andreas.
2. Find copcarru.dff and copcarru.txd (back them up then delete them)
3. Go to action then choose add.
4. Add the new copcarru.dff and copcarru.txd.

Replace the original polranger or any other 4 door vehicle line that you will be replacing with the Police Hummer in the Handling.cfg with this one:

POLRANGER      2500.0    7900.7   2.5    0.0 0.0  -0.5  80  0.92 0.78 0.5  	5 170.0 25.0 20.0 4 P 	8.17   0.50 0 30.0  	1.5  0.10  4.0   0.35 -0.10 0.5  0.0		0.28 0.25 40000 	00002010		300000		0  1	0

Replace the original Patriot or any other 4 door vehicle line that you will be replacing with the Hummer in the Default.ide with this one:

599, 	copcarru,	copcarru,	car, 		POLRANGER, 	RANGER,		null,	ignore,		10,	0,	0,		-1, 0.894, 0.894,	-1

In the Carcols.dat replace copcarru line with this one:

copcarru, 0,1

Also, I STRONGLY recommend that you use GunMod's  RealFX Mod. 
It replaces the textures for many things in the vehicles.ide with much better ones, namely light textures. 
The stock light textures look decent on the Hummer, but nothing compared to the ones in GunMod's mod.

You can get his mod here  http://www.theborggaming.planet-multiplayer.de/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=4539

For any suggestions or bugreports E-mail:
[email protected]

                                                     |Have Fun!! |

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