1986 Toyota Hiace

Here is a very nice 1986 Toyota Hiace that has been created by Juha ''Turpuli'' Laaksonen. This car will replace the pony or if you are...


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Here is a very nice 1986 Toyota Hiace that has been created by Juha ''Turpuli'' Laaksonen. This car will replace the pony or if you are more experienced with modding any car within GTA San Andreas. This modification also includes a very nice interior.

Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files that this will replace just incase either this modification doesn't work on your computer or you do not like this mod. Please also note that IMG Tool V2 is required for this modifcation to Function.

Required Files

IMG Tool V2

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Download 'sahiace_by_turpuli.zip' (453KB)

1986 Toyota Hiace
for GTA: San Andreas
(for GTA3/GTA:VC versions, please visit my website)

Created by: Juha "Turpuli" Laaksonen
e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
websites: http://just-go.to/turpuli/
	  http://koti.mbnet.fi/turpuli  (in finnish!)

Release date: 29th October 2005

More detailed installation instructions in inst.txt!!

all parts (not the dummies, shadow or coll): 5244

And thanks for my buddy Teemu for helping me with one
of the paintjobs!!  :)
=========== Car Settings ============
Recommended car to replace: Pony

handling.cfg: (just a slightly modified original pony handling)
2600.0    8666.7   3.0    0.0 0.0 -0.25 80  0.55 0.90 0.50 	5 180.0 17.0 22.0 R D 	6.0   0.80 0 30.0  	2.6  0.07  0.0   0.35 -0.15 0.25 0.0		0.2  0.50 20000 	4001		1			0  3	13

vehicles.ide (4 last numbers):
-1, 0.75, 0.75,	0

(first color: body; second color: part of the rim (you'll see))
87,1, 88,1, 91,1, 105,1, 109,1, 119,1, 4,1, 25,75

(add this line between picador and premier)
pony, lgt_b_rspt, lgt_b_sspt, nto_b_l, nto_b_s, nto_b_tw, rf_b_sc_r, spl_b_bar_m, spl_b_bbr_m, spl_b_mar_m, wg_l_b_ssk

===== Car mods in Transfenders ======

- 4 Paintjobs
 *In case you want to make your own, I've documented the original texture!
  Trust me, it's easy to follow ;)
- Nitros (2,5 and 10)
- Roof scoop
- Side skirts
- (Fog) Lights
- Spoilers
- Normal stuff (Car stereo, Hydraulics, Colors)

**NOTE:** if you want to get different color with paintjobs, first buy a
paintjob and then go to colors!!

======= Stuff =======

You may upload this to your site if you want but
only if you don't chance the contents of the zip 
file in any way!  And please do send me an e-mail
if you add this to your site!  I insist!  :)

If you want to 
 - modify and release the modified car
 - convert the car to another game
 - make the car a part of some mod
e-mail me and ask for permission first!  I might not
answer in the same day or even in the same week, though.

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