2005 Citroen C1

eddy_2005citroenc1.rar —


identical to the real life version including the seats and dashboard controls. The car is very accurate to the real life counterpart on the outside as well, and includes at least four different colours, including Red, Green, Light Blue and a Grey colour.Unfortunately this car does have some bad points, it doesn't have a damage model, and it probably won't be for those who would want a fast car, but would be perfect for those that drive around the city areas mainly because that's what the car was designed for anyway!For those that don't know the Citroen C1, Peugeot 107 and the Toyota Aygo are all the same car (other than minor bits), there is a Peugeot 107 currently on the site by the same person as well.Required FilesIMG Tool V2


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