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2005 Ford Mustang GT Concept Tuning

Here is a very nice 2005 Ford Mustang GT Concept Tuning, that has been created by JVT. This car will replace the Bullet within GTA San Andre...


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Here is a very nice 2005 Ford Mustang GT Concept Tuning, that has been created by JVT. This car will replace the Bullet within GTA San Andreas. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just incase this mod messes up your game or you do not like this modification. Please also note that you will need IMG Tool V2 to install this modification.

Required Files IMG TOOL V2

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  Ford Mustang GT 2005 concept - Jvt's LORD TUNING
***************** GTA San Andreas *******************
************ www.idealcity.scorpions.cz *************
                      by JVT

bullet.dff and bullet.txd replaced to the ...\models\gta3.img 

replace in:
541, 	bullet,		bullet,		car, 		BULLET,		BULLET, 	null,	executive,	4, 	0,	0,		-1, 0.768, 0.768,		0

BULLET 1300 3000 2 0 0 -0.2 70 0.75 0.89 0.5 5 232 36 10 R P 8 0.52 0 35 1.6 0.1 5 0.3 -0.15 0.5 0.3 0.15 0.49 63500 2004 200000 1 1 1

bullet, nto_b_l, nto_b_s, nto_b_tw

bullet, 36,3, 6,1, 1,3, 8,3, 4,1, 125,24, 20,8, 3,8

as far as you do not know how mod install to the games, instruction find on:

!!!Beyond this car install, make sure whether HAVE NOT in garage car 
with car mods (tuning parts), that have with replaced. 
Otherwise play doesn't need to well function... !!!

2) INFO: 

Polygons: 46740
Vercites: 37013

Car Finished:  20.11.2005
Car Published: 27.11.2005

Supplyng: bullet


Author: JVT
ICQ: 206-381-266
e-mail: jvt@centrum.cz
web: www.idealcity.scorpions.cz

Thanks to The Newmanator for base model Mustang 2005.
Thanks to KvH-DeSiGn for part front bumper from Nissan Skyline R34. (krikke1987@hotmail.com)

You usage-if this mod so everything at one's own risk, this mod was testing but only on my PC, so it is possible that 
on your PC can do problems! So you warning that that mod usage entirely only on our hazard!

                © Copyright with relate ONLY on model! Brand Ford Mustang is brands Ford Mustang companies, 
                                   and isn't utilize for no commercial purposes!
                                            (and for other brands...)

---------------------NO ONE CAN CHANGE,CONVERT OR USE PART OF THIS CAR WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!!------------------------
-------Before host this mod in your website, convert or modifi, so please ask the permission to jvt@centrum.cz---------
--------------------------------------and to the subject write "Permission".-------------------------------------------

© 2005 JVT
All Rights Reserved!
Made by (c) Studio LINE-ART software by JVT, www.line-art.er.cz

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