2006 Chevrolet Corvette

Here is the 2006 Chevrolet Corvette, this mod has been created by Greengiant. There are three different versions included as you can have a...


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Here is the 2006 Chevrolet Corvette, this mod has been created by Greengiant. There are three different versions included as you can have a convertible version, hard top version and a soft top version. With this car you can also have several different "mods" applied to it, however you must purchase these first ;).

This car will replace the club car or if you are more experienced any car in GTA: San Andreas. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files that this will replace just incase either this modification doesn't work on your computer or you do not like this mod. Please also note that IMG Tool V2 is required for this modifcation to Function.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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Download '2006_chevy_corvette_by_jgem.rar' (748KB)

2006 Chevy Corvette !!!! SA convert By JGEM, member of the ASCENDENCE GTA crew (www.ascendence.net/forums) VC MODEL BY GREENGIANT 
(singularly the best SA modeller around.)

Hello again, well i have another treat for you; the 2006 Chevy Corvette.  As you can guess this is one of GREENGIANTS models, however ive felt rather 
generous and decided to make 3 different versions of this fantastic car.  Now you have a CONVERTIBLE version, a HARD-TOP version and a SOFT-TOP version.
As with all of my mods these cars are fully "pimp my ride" in transfender, however for a change the roof scoop is placed on the hood as it looks better and

So here you have it, the list of changes are as follows:

1) The car is now wider to give it a more meaty feel
2) The wheels are now wider, they do stick out a tad but i really like the look :P
3) The petrol / gas cap now explodes when shot - (shoot the right hand side cap not the left)
4) Spoilers can now be added (ALL Versions)
5) Vents can now be added (HARD-TOP Version ONLY)
6) Roof scoop can now be added (HARD-TOP Version ONLY)
7) Hood scoop can now be added (HARD-TOP Version ONLY)
8) Side Skirts can now be added (HARD-TOP Version ONLY)
9) Wheels are now -1 which means you can add TRANSFENDER wheels to the car and they DONT look TOO thin !! - THX GREENGIANT
10) Car has been completely re-textured by myself - thanks to ASCENDENCE for the texture tutorial and continual patience - cheers dude !!!
11) What you want another?  Get outta here !!! :)

If your a nooby YES you can replace any car - you dont have to replace the club, simply rename the DFF and TXD to whatever car you want to replace
you might also be thinking "why have you replaced the club again?" well i've gone off my R32 Golf so ive chosen this instead, but in your game its up 2 u.

Config lines


589,	club, 		club, 		car, 		CLUB,	 	CLUB, 		null,	normal, 	10,	0,	0,		-1, 0.78, 0.8,		0


club, bnt_b_sc_p_l, bnt_b_sc_l, bnt_b_sc_m, nto_b_tw, spl_a_s_b, spl_c_s_b, spl_a_l_b, spl_c_l_b, spl_a_j_b, spl_c_j_b, wg_l_b_ssk, rf_b_sc_r, spl_b_bbb_m, spl_b_bab_m, spl_b_mab_m, bntl_b_ov, lgt_b_rspt


CLUB	     1800.0 3300.0 2.0 0.0 -0.3 -0.2 70 0.90 0.85 0.45 5 380.0 70.0 10.0 4 P 11.0 0.51 0 45.0 1.2 0.18 1.0 0.20 -0.07  0.5 0.2 0.17 0.42 95000 40002004 C08401 1 1 1


As a last thought, if your reading this GREENGIANT, its been sad to see you disappear from the radar in terms of GTA SA modelling, i for one am thankful
for the help you provide to modellers (and your amazingly quick responses) and moreso the totally awesome models. How many people use your 300c, BMW7,
Bonneville (all SA cars)???  I just hope you continue to finish the 2006 Dodge Charger.  If not the ASCENDENCE team would be honored to continue the 
amazing job youve done so far.  On behalf of the GTA community and the ASCENDENCE team, THANK YOU !!!

PS would like to see you join our team - you would be more than welcome !!

Enjoy the car guys and if your looking for a good site to download modded cars for SA please check my teams website http://www.ascendence.net/forums/
here you'll find many up to date conversions and scratch built cars.  We also take requests and WILL implement changes to good looking cars if you want
them so long as you register and contribute to the site, we also allow you to showcase any mod restriction free.  The site is in the process of 
being populated and all of our mods will be uploaded VERY soon, so check back and you can enjoy all our dope cars !

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