2F2F Elegy Hi-Res Texture

2f2f_skyline_vinyl.zip —


Here is a very nice HI Resolution version of the Elegy for GTA San Andreas, this car was created to look like something out of 2 Fast 2 Furious. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just incase this modification damages your game or you do not like this mod.

Please also note that IMG Tool V2 is required to install this mod.

Required Files IMG Tool V2



the 2f 2f texture is fully created by me and no one else so dont get that idea

smiler smiler smiler

the skyline is created by rolles_77 and so is the bodywork

the texture i created looks normal on both of the cars the original elegy or the new skyline 

now anyway lets install these mods

to install these mods you will need 
img tool v2.
to install the skyline and bodywork please view the original readme which is in the skyline folder 
and to install my skyline vinyl just go on to the img tool and click add and add the texture 

and then close the imgtool and get playing happy modding everyone if any of you can create col files and add car dummys please reply because i am making the gta s a real car mod and it is being made for the begginers or people who just wanna get the cars over and done with so you dont have to sit for hours changing cars that'll be my job please contact me on [email protected] and tell me whether you reckon i should release a beta version

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