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Here is a plugin for 3d Studio Max, this plugin will give the modders ability to export models into GTA San Andreas. Please note that this i...


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Here is a plugin for 3d Studio Max, this plugin will give the modders ability to export models into GTA San Andreas. Please note that this is a Public Beta release, and may contain bugs. For more information please read the readme provided with the file (and below)

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Download 'dffio.zip' (77KB)

Every step I move forward, I found that it shouldn't be me to do 
this job! Anyway, it's now at a usable stage!

Public SA IO Beta release (updated 06Jul05):
- 2nd UV Map are skipped both in importer/exporter.
- Collision Quick Hack only
- GeometryFlags are the same all over the DFF for exporter. 
- Tristrip is not supported, since I hate it. You will have a
  bigger file size export.

- Reflection/Specular should be correct now. Thanks ashdexx for the
  detail explanation.
- New GTA Material Added.
- Body/Clothes dff should now be skinned correctly(Import).


How to Install & Run:
** If you want to use the new 'GTA Material', place the 
   'GTA_Material.ms' in  %Max%\scripts\Statrup\ folder

REMOVE my old 'DFFin_Fn.ms' and 'DFFout_Fn.ms' form your scripts folder

Put these 'saDFFin_Fn.ms' and 'saDFFout_Fn.ms' into:
%Max%\scripts\GTA_Tools\ folder

You can place 'SA_DFF_IO_beta.ms' in anywhere, this is the only script
you have to run manually.

In Max menu->MAXScript->run script...->select 'SA_DFF_IO_beta.ms'

How to Export:
To use this beta you should have this in mind:
For all SA vehicle DFF(others I don't know). You need to have 
collision file(COL3/COLL) ready before use my exporter script! 

- It could be COL3 form original SA DFF. Or
- Single COLL file from GTA3/VC/your own. But the shadows didn't 
  look right! What I mean a 'Single COLL file' is a *.col contains 
  only 1 COLL inside. You can use my 'COL IO' import the COL to MAX 
  and SaveAs to a 'Single COLL file'.

Now fire up you Max and import/create your vehicles. Be aware that
the SA vehicles have different dummies from GTA3/VC. so you might 
need to delete/add new dummies. BE CAREFUL about the HIERARCHY link 
are DIFFERENT as well.

Ready to export? Run my SA_DFF_IO_beta script. In the export rollout
check the SA(green) button, 'MMC'(which allow color change ingame)
and press 'COL3 Model' to select collision file. You can either choose 
DFF or COL, see above! Press 'Export DFF'

If every thing OK. You are ready to crash in SA!!! :)

How to use Max's Material(updated 06Jul05):
Diffuse Color                           -> ingame color (primary color should be [60 255 0], secondary [255 0 175])
DiffuseMap                              -> ingame texture

Opacity                                 -> ingame transparency
OpacityMap                              -> ingame transparency mask

ReflectionMap with BitmapTexture        -> ingame Image ReflectionMap
ReflectionMapAmount                     -> ingame Reflection Level

Specular Color                          -> Specular Color
Glossiness + Soften                     -> Reflection/Specular Blend
                                           (0: no reflection, 100: full reflection)

SpecularMap with BitmapTexture          -> ingame Specular Image
Specular_Level                          -> ingame Specular Power
**if you want to try this SpecularMap, Make sure the length of it's name < 19.
  (better = 19). Seems not effect anyway.**

Kam 06Jul05

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