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bf980_by_qv3.rar —


Here is the BF-980, a motorbike that will replace the BF 400 within GTA San Andreas. Please note that it is highly recomended that you back up any files just in case either you do not like this modification or it causes your game to go wrong. Please also note that IMG Tool V2 is required for this file to be installed.

Files Required IMG Tool V2



<< BF 980 v1.1 by Qv3 for GTA:San Andreas [2005] >>
About this mod
This mod includes new bike with change bf 400 
It is very fast :) so enjoy but it will take 
time till you use to it =) but don't worry
it is not hard to control bf 980 ;)
What new in v1.1?
1.Fixed few bugs
2.Fixed handling
3.Few new features in model...

1.Backup your ...\data\handling.cfg
2.open handling.cfg and change bf400 handling line to this line:
BF400         327.9 	200.0 	4.5 	0.0 	0.05 	-0.09 	103 	9.4 	0.9 	0.2 	5 	314.0 	95.0 	195.0 	R 	P 	15.0 	0.4 	0 	15.0 	0.85 	0.15 	0.05 	0.27 	-0.10 	0.6 	0.0 	0.0 	0.15 	10000 	1000000 	0 	1 	1 	4 	
3.open your img tool (if you don't know where to get it then go:http://www.gta-mods.de/gtasa_tools.php adn find img tool v2)
4.start gta sa.exe

Note:if you to lazy to find this bike then download car spawner ;) (http://gta3.gamigo.de/downloads/ftp/1125156130_Vehicle_spawn_tool.rar)
Special Thanks to: 

Roctar Games - for GTA SA :)
Oleg - for zmodeler2
i think thats all ;)

have any questions? contact me :[email protected]

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