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Using the game itself you can be Blade and even play a Vampire game where all you do is kill vampires! You even have Blades abilites like ju...


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Using the game itself you can be Blade and even play a Vampire game where all you do is kill vampires! You even have Blades abilites like jumping high and powerful body! This is just for fun and nothing major!

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With the following you can be blade, look like him and kill vampires in game and you dont have to download anything!  Ill have pics at bottom to give you an idea of what eveything should like like when your done!

Once this is done all you need to do is save the game, preferrably in a seperate game so you wont have to do it all again!

****2 STEPS***

======1. First heres how to make CJ look like Blade
Starting with CJ with nothing on(as in zip besides his underwear/boxers he wears) do this. </b>

-Add/Buy Bianco-Shoes-Black Low Tops.

-Add/Buy Zip-Legs-Black Khakis

-Add/Buy Black Shades. These i cant remember where i bought but they are black and you cant see his eyes.

-Buy him tattos that kind of match the ones like blade has on his back. Or not. Either way he'll still look cool.

-Finally (this is important) give him the \&quot;Detailed Hairtcut\&quot;. It should be the one where its basically a shaved head with one side being striped.

=======2. The Vampires to kill and your abilities.
Ok this involves just turning on some simple cheats, none of which effect the game. These can be turned off. Just to be safe SAVE this into a seperate game!

Type ALL these cheats, and all these need to be on:

LFGMHAL -This gives you mega jump so you can jump like blade!

JYSDSOD -This gives you Max Muscle so your pumped like Blade!

AFPHULTL -This is \&quot;Ninja Theme\&quot;.  This gives you some weapons including Katana. But more importantly  turns everyone else into katana wielding people wearing black suits and everyone drives black motorcycles! Dont use this if youd rather have normal people attack you.... but then you might need weapon cheats for them...ive never tried without NINJA THEME.

BAGOWPG -This makes everyone attack you! Pretend everyone is a vampire!

AEZAKMI -This makes you never wanted. Usefull since youll be killing millions of people that are trying to kill you!

BAGUVIX - Infinite Health. Duh. Makes it more fun because obviously youll die to fast without it!

Only one will work at a time, so pick one:
KJKSZPJ     - - These are all your weapons codes!

*Optional for turning On*
IAVENJQ -Mega Punch. Not REALLY like Blade but your kick and punch kill in 1 hit which is pretty usefull since youll be attacked in hordes! It really cool especially in NINJA MODE!

=======Last comments on Blade stuff(pics)....
If you have the outfit i told you you should look like this:

This is what you look like fighting in Ninja Mode:

I know at first this all looks confusing but its really simple. Buy the stuff. Save to a seperate game. Type in the codes and have fun! Just so you know youll have to type in codes every time you load the game. Kick, Punch, Use Katana and Jump alot! It feels like Blade and now look like him too!

Assassin X

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