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Here is the mission builder for GTA San Andreas, this is an older file that has not been added to this site before. It has been added for th...


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Here is the mission builder for GTA San Andreas, this is an older file that has not been added to this site before. It has been added for those that want to use it to edit the main.scm file of any of the recent GTA Games including GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. Although its highly recommended that you backup anything that you edit as this will require you to reinstall the game if it all goes wrong.

Its highly recommended that you read the readme before you use if you are a beginner. If you have any problems with this file please use the forums to ask for help.

Also if you have no knowledge or confidence in editing the main script file of the GTA Game then this is not for you.

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Download 'samb033.rar' (684KB)

BW's GTA SA Mission Builder version v0.33

1 What you get
1.1 Legal stuff
1.2 Included files
1.2.5 List of opcodes
1.3 Version info

2 Installation
2.1 Starting the mission builder
2.2 First time usage

3 The IDE
3.1 Buttons and menues
3.1.1 The F1 key

4 Mission coding
4.1 Definitions used in this readme
4.2 The mission script
4.2.1 The segments
4.2.2 The MAIN part of the mission script
4.2.3 The MISSION part of the mission script
4.2.4 The External Scripts part of the mission script
4.3 Data types
4.3.1 Arrays Defining arrays / allocating memory for arrays
4.3.2 Floating-point numbers
4.4 Local variables
4.5 Global variables
4.6 Equates
4.8 Mathematical coding
4.8.1 Setting variables
4.8.2 Addition
4.8.3 Subtraction
4.8.4 Division
4.8.5 Multiplication
4.9 Conditional coding
4.10 Conditional math coding
4.10.1 Checking the value of variables
4.10.2 Using the NOT operator
4.11 Setting the data type of operations
4.12 Jump instructions
4.12.1 Using variables in jump instructions
4.13 Writing a mission script from scratch
4.14 Writing a mission from scratch
4.15 Rules that must be followed when coding
4.15.1 wait codes
4.15.2 create_thread commands
4.15.3 Requesting models
4.16 Practical Issues

5 Mission coding for newbies and retards :p

6 List of helpful people

7 Support


1 What you get

1.1 Legal stuff

I take no responsibility for any persons use of the
mission builder in any way. Use it at your own risk.

Since this mission builder is based on others work and
since those other people made some rules about what their
work could be used for, I included some information about
that in the STUFF folder. You should read through these
files since some of them have some useful information
about using the IDE.

1.2 Included files

1.2.5 List of opcodes

The OPCODES.TXT file has most of the opcodes used in the
mission script. Some math opcodes are not included. It is
in alphabetical order.

1.3 Version info

New stuff in version 0.33:
- Proper support for custom global variables and arrays
(because the new memory system has finally been debugged).
- Setting up an array at address 0 didn't work. Fixed.
- New label format in decompiler.
- Decompiler now supports custom label names.
- Custom global variable names removed from the 'sascm.ini'
and put in 'variables.ini' with a new easier format.

New stuff in version 0.32:
- Opcode parameter definition 't%' in the 'SAscm.ini' file was changed
to use objects from the 'default.ide' file only while 'o%' is used
with any objects.
- Named references to the second segment objects added.
- Original mission titles added to hardcoded mission descriptions.
- Some cosmetical bugs fixed. :-)

New stuff in Version 0.31:
- Main scripts with empty segments can now be decompiled
and recompiled.
- A debug message was removed.
- Some tiny potentional bugs removed.
- Math system complete. CyQ found the new math codes.

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