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Here is a modification that will change Grove street into something similar to a little italy. This will change grove street and the gangs t...


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Here is a modification that will change Grove street into something similar to a little italy. This will change grove street and the gangs to that like a group of Italo American people. Please note that it is highly recommened that you back up any files that these will overwrite, just in case you do not like this mod, also this modification requires IMG Tool V2 to be installed properly.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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                                           CAMORRA MOD
                                 THE MATHERIAN WHITENING PROJECT

                                      +   Mather the Bec +


 In American language, the term "Mafia" generally indicates a famous criminal organization 
 composed by people coming from many different parts of South Italy.
 But this is a very generic definition.
 In truth, the Italian Criminal System is essentially dived in four main groups :

 - The CAMORRA - Operating in the City of Naples and adjacence (Campania) ;
  - The 'NDRANGHETA - allocated in the actual region of Calabria ;
 - The APULIAN MAFIA - allocated in the actual region of Puglia ;
 - The SICILIAN MAFIA - the most famous and powerful criminal organization of italian Peninsula.

  Italo/American Mafia is an hybrid between this four organizations.
 Rember that the most important founders of Italo/American Mafia (The Genovese family)

 was Frank Costello (Calabria), Lucky Luciano (Sicily) and Vito Genovese (Naples).
 Unlike Mafia, the Camorra originates from a most hard and fierce urban contest : the city of


 While the Sicilian Mafia is a complex system of corruptions and frauds, deep-seated in

 Italian and government, founded on bureaucracy exploitation, in which the use of violence is 

 always the last solution, Camorra methods are founded on a urban reality of blood and

 brutal murders, drug racket , and wars between gangs or baby gangs.

 Camorra organization is not so large and powerful like sicilian mafia, but its methods are 

 really more violent and the real force of their members (the "guappi", more brutal and dangerous

 than sicilian "picciotti") depends by the typical and particular 

 animosity of napolitan people. (just like the legendary temperament of Vito Genovese!).

 It is not a coincidence that the two most famous Italo/American bosses were Napolitan

 (Vito Genovese and Alphonse "Scarface" Capone).


 This type of Criminal organization is perfectly compatible with Grove Street and Cj 

 story so, I created this mod like a tribute to every Italian or Italo/american player of



 The Camorra mod transforms the Grove zone in a more similar Italo/American ghetto, a sort 
 of Little Italy.

 Now Ryder, Sweet, Kendl and Smoke have a more Italian aspect.

 Cj's gang is composed by Camorra's member and Grove street is full of Italian people.


 To make things easy, Use the command "Extact to" of your archive browser to generate a folder 

 called "CAMORRA MOD" with two subfolders: "cutscene" and "gta3". (Destination path of the main 

 folder is indifferent). 

 - Open the cutscene.img file using the IMG EDITOR software.

 - Replace every file of cutscene.img with the corresponding found in subfolder "cutscene".

 - Make the same thing replacing the original files of "gta3.img" (subfolder "gta3") and

   "player.img" (subfolder "player"). 

   Download the Matherian Whitening Project to transform Cj in a realistic napolitan guy !!!


 Visit my site for more information at...

 Enjoy your italian play !

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