Here is a modification that will replace the hydra (fighter) within GTA: San Andreas with a Dalek from Doctor Who, meaning that it will fly...


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Here is a modification that will replace the hydra (fighter) within GTA: San Andreas with a Dalek from Doctor Who, meaning that it will fly just not like a dalek in doctor who. Exteminate!!! (sorry i couldn't help my self :D)

Please note that ImgTool is required for this modification to function and to be installed. Also it is highly recommended that you backup any files that you will overwrite.

Required Files

IMG Tool V2

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Download 'dalek.zip' (624KB)

   ____  ____         ____
  |  _ \|  _ \ _   _ / ___|
  | | | | |_) | | | | |  _
  | |_| |  _ <| |_| | |_| |
  |____/|_| \_\__,_|\____|

  | D A L E K     v 1 . 0 |

---    By  [DRuG]NikT    ----
---  http://drug.now.nu  ----

Dalek 2005 version, as seen in the Christopher Eccleston era of Doctor Who.


hydra.dff - the dalek model to replace the hydra.
hydra.txd - the texture (expect an update in the future to utilize it's entire contents)
particle.txd - a standard particles txd with the rc baron(/hydra) shadow modified to suit the hydra/dalek.
shad_rcbaron.tga - the individual shadow if your particle.txd is already modified, and you just want the dalek's mod.
readme.txt - thanks for reading, it'll make your life easier.


First, the gold Dalek is the one seen in the 2005 Doctor Who episodes - if you don't know Dr. Who, this is like the central villain that has encounters with Dr. Who - it is in fact an evil brainy mass surrounded by a droid of it's own contruction. Daleks are like the ultimate haters of foreign life - they destroy everything that isn't them.

This Dalek is 12,000 polygons - a high detail one is available near 130,000, but I felt it not sensible to use as a game model :)

Please don't modify this model, re-texturing is ok, but as stated in the original lightwave model release:
&quot;Do not redestribute this file unless the archive is completely IN TACT. That means that everything, including this readme should be packaged with these Daleks if you share them please! I would also like to be credited when this model is used either as Meurig or Rhys Salcombe. The credit need not be on your rendered image or in your animation, but if you post it on an online site or forum, please say that it's my model. Cheers!&quot; - I have received written permission to release this modification, but this is not an open license to others.


0. Close San Andreas

1. Download the new IMGtool 2.0 updated for San Andreas from 




*NOTE* Old Vice one won't work!

2. Find the existing hydra.txd and hydra.dff in 

<san andreas main folder>\models\gta3.img

3. Delete them both from the img using IMGtool

4. Using IMGtool, add the hydra.dff and hydra.txd in this package.

5. Using IMGtool, select the option to rebuild archive.

6. Open <san andreas main folder>\data\carcols.dat in notepad.

7. Replace <san andreas main folder>\models\particle.txd with the one in this package 

   or open your existing one with TXD Workshop (SA) and replace shad_rcbaron with the one in this package.

8. Save & Test - you can spawn one by typing jumpjet in game.


Original Lightwave Model: 

Rhys Salcombe - Meurig


Texture mapping, adjustment of normals and conversion to GTA San Andreas:

[DRuG]NikT nnnikt@gmail.com (with Meurig's written permission)


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