DesignX X3 Articulated Westbus

x3gwestbus.zip —


the Petrol truck and trailer within GTA San Andreas. This bus is based on an Australian bus comany and is fairly similar to the real life design. The route number is the N1 to Penrith (in New South Wales, Australia not Cumbria in England) which is a night bus which only runs in the evenings. This bus has a highly detailed interior, including fully 3d seats, a fully 3d cab, as well as full detail on the seat textures, the floor and even the bus stop buttons. There is one added bonus to this bus in that you can walk onto the bus through the doors and all the way up the aisle. The bus also includes custom handling, as well as a custom collision model that will make it more realistic within the game.Just to note you will need both parts to make the bus look correct within the game, although the bendy bus can be fairly difficult to drive around the city areas because of its extra part at the back of the bus and its extra length. Although this would be perfect for those that want to pretend to a bus driver, or for those who want to see why a lot of people in London Hate these buses so much (since bus drivers like to clip pavements, kerbs and almost everything in London!!!)Required FilesIMG Tool V2


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