DuPz0r's VIP Parking Lot

Here is a modification that will add several cars within the Pink Car Park in San Fierro.

Please note that this modification will overwri...


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Here is a modification that will add several cars within the Pink Car Park in San Fierro.

Please note that this modification will overwrite several files including Main.scm within the scripts folder. It is highly recommended that you back up these files to prevent having to reinstall the game as no saved games will work with this modification.

This modification also requires IMG Tool V2, this can be found here.


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Download 'vip.zip' (1.55MB)

DuPz0r's VIP Parking Lot beta 1.0 Content:

Car Spawning data -
These are the files you'll need to be replacing, so i'd back them up if i was you.(C:/program files/rockstar games/gta san andreas/data/script)
You'll also want back up your save files, just in case something happens.
You may already know, but if you dont then, you cant use your old save files once you replace the main.scm, untill you decide to change them back again.

Car Lot Textures - 
This is the car park textures, i changed it to white, and added a better color theme.
You'll need gtasa-ultimate editor to install these, then back-up your gta3.img file(C:/program files/rockstar games/gta san andreas/models)

unzip the files provided, and put them in an easy accessable place.
Open "gtasa-ultimate editor" then open> C:/program files/rockstar games/gta san andreas/models/gta3.img
then find - pinkcarpark_sfs.txd, and then click replace, and replace it with the one in the vip carlot folder, and thats done.

ok, this is alot easier to install, you just need to place the files in the same place as the old ones (normally here: C:/program files/rockstar games/gta san andreas/data/script)
but backup the old ones first!

Now start a new game, goto san fierro, and find the pink car park (well, white and blue if you swapped the textures)(its north east of wheel arch angels).
Do Make sure you back up all the files before hand, any problems will be your fault, so don't blame me as i warned you plenty of times...

Well there isn't really any bugs, just a lack of memory, as sometimes not all the cars spawn, you just have to drive around abit and come back, and differen't cars will be there, 
i don't know if there's much i can do about it, but im trying to fix it, if its possible. 

If you have any other problems, like cars stuck in walls, floors ect, report them to me (dabushk187@hotmail.com), and i'll do my best to fix it.

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