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What we have here is a dynamite weapon modification. This file is simple: it replaces the satchel with dynamite. It's fun to play, but reall...


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What we have here is a dynamite weapon modification. This file is simple: it replaces the satchel with dynamite. It's fun to play, but really doesn't fit in the theme of the game. However, this is fun for a few laughs and has a cartoonish theme. It's small and almost painless to download, but it takes a little know how to install.

I reccomend this file for those who like a laugh with a big explosion.

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Download 'dynamite_mod.zip' (16KB)

 [ Dynamite Weapon - Installation ]

By: Psy
Released: June 16, 2005
E-Mail: Psy@GTA-SanAndreas.com
Website: http://www.GTA-SanAndreas.com
Version: 0.1

######## WARNING #########

You are advised to back up your MODELS folder before attempting to install this mod. If anything goes wrong it will save a complete re-install of the game.

######## WARNING #########

 [ What You Need ]

- http://gta-sanandreas.com/downloads/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=30

 [ Installation ]

1. Extract the contents of the "Dynamite Mod" zip to your desktop, or somewhere similar.

2. Install the ultimate editor and set it all up so it points to the right folder.

3. Click on the 'IMG Editor' tab.

4. Navigate to your "GTA San Andreas/models/gta3.img" file and double click it.

5. Using the menu to the left find "satchel".

6. Click on the top match: "satchel.dff".

7. Click "Replace" at the top left.

8. Navigate to your unzipped "Dynamite Mod" folder and find the "satchel.dff" file in there, then hit open.

9. Next click on the "satchel.txd" match from the menu in the ultimate editor, hit replace and find the "satchel.txd" file in the "Dynamite Mod" folder and hit open.

10. Close the ultimate editor and play the game. Satchel Charges are now replaced with the Dynamite Model from the Quarry.

 [ Un-Installation ]

I've included a backup of all of the default files in the BACKUP folder inside the mod, so all you need to do is the same thing as above to install, except replace the files with the files from the BACKUP folder. Alternatively just replace your gta3.img file with the one you backed up.

 [ Notes / Legal ]

Version 0.1 - There is a small bug with this version of the file because the TXD editor out so far doesn't include importing textures. Because of this, I can't import the Satchel Charge weapon icon, so you will not have an image at the top right when the dynamite is selected. This error will be fixed in Version 1.0 when the TXD Tool is updated to include importing textures.

Feel free to distribute this modification on your own sites. All I ask is that the zip file is unchanged and credit is given for the original creation. You may also modify this modification and re-release it, however a little mention in the readme would be appreciated.

Have Fun
- Psy

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