ENBSeries GTASA graphic change



Adds cars reflection, screen space ambient occlusion, indirect lightning and bloom effects

v0.073 was tested and on GeForce6xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx videocards only and may not work correct with others. Read docs in archive how to use it (or just press shift+f12 in game)



ENB Series for GTA San Andreas v0.073 beta

Videocard with support of Shader Model 3.0 or better, 16 Mbytes of free video memory. Videocards in the list below may fit:
GeForce 6100, 6150, 6200, 6600, 6800, 7300, 7600, 7800, 7900, 8500, 8600, 8800;
Radeon 1300, 1600, 1800, 1900, 1900, 2400, 2600, 2900, 3850, 3870.
I can't guarantee that mod will work on all of them by many reasons (different drivers, hardware reduced versions and just because not tested myself). ENB Series (current version) will not run at all or will not work properly if hardware by any reason not support minimal requirements of the mod. Videocards with lower shader versions capable to work in theory, but they are too slow, no sense. Videocards of new generation (DirectX10 compatible) in common cases works much faster in this mod, than their performance analogs in DirectX9 games.

Mod may work incorrect with some versions of the games, impossible to test it for every game patch and for already modded games. Some types of installed game modifications may conflict with ENB Series, but it's rare.
Extract files from archive in to the game directory or where game execution file exist (.exe). For some games it is in the directories named system, bin, bin32. Warning, some games needs root game directory for mod even if .exe file is not there.

After game start the mod deactivated by default, to activate it use key combination (for GTASA shift+f12 by default). Warning, some versions of ENB Series may stop game responding for a several seconds at game start, loading levels and after switching to desktop (ctrl+alt+del, alt+tab and other situations), it's because of time for effect compilation.

After first start game with mod, configuration file enbseries.ini will be created, use it to modify mod setting. Warning, if configuration file will be corrupted in any way, remove it and run mod again. Later i planning to create configuration util.
AllowAntialias=(0,1) allow to work mod in antialiasing mode (multisampling, fsaa in other words) if antialiasing activated in game options or in videodriver setting. If videocard not support antialiasing for HDR maps, set to 0, otherwise final result will be invalid.
*AlternativeDepth=(0,1) value 1 good for some new videocards that support some specific capabilities, but if you see large lines on the objects, set 0. Warning, some versions of ENB Series have limited support or not have at all for 0 based parameter. Also in most cases setting 1 works faster.
*UseEffect=(0,1) activate mode by default at the game start. I suggest not to use this setting currently.
BugFixMode=(0..100) every value fixes it's own unsopported feature or bug in driver or hardware. For drivers 169.xx and 171.xx do not set this parameter to 1. Values: 0-high quality and middle performance, 1-high quality and fast, 2-high quality and very slow, 3-low quality and fastest, 4-low quality and fast, 5-low quality and middle performance.
SkipShaderOptimization=(0,1) disables optimization when compiling shader, may help to elliminate bugs.
EnableBloom=(0,1) enables bloom effect (bright areas blurred) with time dependent adaptation. Works only if mod activated already (by key combination).
EnableOcclusion=(0,1) enables occlusion culling and some other effects (mod version dependent).
EnableReflection=(0,1) reflection on vehicles. 
ReflectionPower=(0..100) level of reflection.
BloomPower=(0..100) level of bloom.
BloomFadeTime=(0..100000) fade in and out time for bloom adaptation (in milliseconds).
*ChromePower=(0..100) level of vehicles chrome reflection (may be disabled in current version).
*UseFilter=(0,1) enable filtering of noise prodused by occlusion culling effect.
OcclusionQuality=(0..2) occlusion sampling quality, 0 means maximal quality at performance cost.
FilterQuality=(0..2) filtering of noise from occlusion algorith, 0 means maximal quality at performance cost.
KeyUseEffect=(1..255) decimal key number for mod activation/deactivation.
KeyBloom=(1..255) decimal key number for bloom activation/deactivation.
KeyOcclusion=(1..255) decimal key number for occlusion culling activation/deactivation.
KeyReflection=(1..255) decimal key number for reflection activation/deactivation.
**KeyCombination=(1..255) decimal number of additional key for combining this key with others (SHIFT by default).

*Warning, depending from mod version preset may be disabled.
**Two keys required for operating, f.e. SHIFT F12 activates modification by default.

Key numbers (virtual key codes) available in key_codes.txt or key_codes.htm. In current version of the mod these lists of key codes are hex values, but mod works with decimal, i can't describe now how to convert them, may be later i'll do something.

Reflection of cars sometimes oversaturated:
Solution for this problem is hard enough and extremely slow.
Reflection "moving" on the cars:
For faster reflection currently use previous frame, so when frame rate is too low, this strange effect appear. Another methods dor reflection are performance costs.
No reflection for some cars:
Some cars not have reflection at all or reflection level very low. Also this depends from installed third-party game mods.
Chrome reflection sometimes becomes dark:
It is normal for GTASA, because specular level in game depends from internal lights.
In some places dark or bright edges appears:
Defects of mod algorithm and game models, later i'll try to decrease these artifacts.
Dark or white silhouettes around the objects
Problem of mod algorithm, because of filtering activated or antialiasing.
Characters (actors) looks planar:
Depending from mod or game version, hardware, they are not proceeded by effect correct or limited computadion applied.
After activating stereo rendering in video driver options strange artifacts appears or nothing is visible:
ENB Series currently not support stereo, but in future i planning to implement stereo support and own anaglyth stereo rendering for all videocards.

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