G4tv Attack Of The Show TV Grenades

Here is a modification that will replace the grenades within GTA San Andreas with that Televisions. This modification has to be one of the m...


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Here is a modification that will replace the grenades within GTA San Andreas with that Televisions. This modification has to be one of the most original weapons mods that have been made. The TV's apparently showing the greatest show (according to the author) can be thrown just like a grenade. CJ must be very strong if he can throw a Television the same distance!! This TV Grenade however is still a unique modification for GTA San Andreas and is recommended for those that want some thing different in the game.

Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files, just incase you mess up your computer or you do not like this modification.

Required Files IMG TOOL V2

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Download 'aotsgrenades.zip' (844KB)

G4tv Attack Of The Show TV Grenades
By Switch Designs
Original model by Switch Designs

This San Andreas Mod for PC will change your grenades into TV grenades with the greatest show on G4tv (Attack Of The Show) on the screen.

If your wondering how I got the motivation to ever make a mod like this I'll tell ya.... So I was just kickin back watching some G4tv when my favorite show Attack Of The Show came on the tube. I thought hmmmm (Attack Of The Show) wouldn't that be funny if a show could really attack you and thats when idea for the grenades hit me like a ton of bricks or rather an exploding TV! I got right to work making a model of a TV with the show in mind.

I've added an optional texture for thoes who live in a cave and have not seen the show or just simply don't like it O.o the new txd (texture file) for the TV that you can add instead of the one with the Attack Of The Show screen is an image of an atomic bomb ^.^ 

I have also included the original grenade txd and dff files incase you wish to revert to the original game model of the grenade.

To install:
Use img edit (included in this mod and created by Spooky and Illspirt) to open your gta3.img file (after making all the files in the GTA folder non read only)

Then delete grenade.dff and grenade.txd and add in the new grenade.dff and grenade.txd and click rebuild archive and close..

All GTA sites may host this mod just please give credit where credit is due and if you could send me an email of where its posted at that would be cool. I like to see where in the world my mods end up.

This model can only be used in GTA SA but if you like the model and would like to use it in other stuff you can purchase it from http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/290726 with the atomic texture only in 3ds and Zmodeler formats.

Switch Designs
[email protected]

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