Here is a retexture of the Ford Crown Victoria into a Police Car. This car will replace the police ranger in GTA San Andreas. This car is fa...


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Here is a retexture of the Ford Crown Victoria into a Police Car. This car will replace the police ranger in GTA San Andreas. This car is fairly detailed, well made and includes a fairly realistic damage model, SA style number plates and lights as well as custom handling and shadows. This car will also actually explode if you shoot the gas tank, although probably not that realistic though...)

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IMG Tool V2

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03.10.08								Gatineau_Copcar texture by Olmstead007 		                             Version: 0.99								        Type: Skin (texture)							        Model: 2003 Ford Crown Victoria by Schaefft				 Author:	Olmstead007															INSTALL: delete old copcarru.txd & copcarru.dff, add new files, rebuild archive! launch gta:sa															Not responsible for any damage. Use this at your own risks, you can distribute this file wherever you want as long you don't claim it to be yours and include this read me with it! 	Thank you, enjoy ;)	--------------------------------------------------------------------																		13.10.2007

---------------------------------------2003 Ford Crown Victoria by Schaefft------------------------------------------------------------

					for GTA San Andreas
Thank you for downloading my car!

Author: 	Schaefft
Icq:		(257-319-893)

Texturen by:    
Author for Skins: Harry


Do not modify or convert this model without my permission! EXCLUSIVE FOR - - !!!
Its forbidden to change this archiv !!!


- high detailed exterior, interior and underbody
- tuning at transfender
- realistic 4-door damagemodel
- SA changeable number plates
- blows up when bullet hits the gas-tank cap
- front- and rear-Sa-lights
- custom handling
- custom shadow and collision


Delete or rename copcarru.txd and .dff in your GTA3.img.

599, 	copcarru,	copcarru,	car, 		POLRANGER, 	RANGER,	        null,	ignore,		10,		0,	0,	-1,	0.79, 0.79,		0

POLRANGER    2000.0	5831.2	1.8	0.0	0.2	-0.5	75	0.85	0.85	0.48	5	225.0	24.0	10.0	4	P	5.0	0.52	1	20.0	1.5	0.11	2.5	0.28	-0.06	0.38	0.4	0.2	0.24	25000	40002000	500003	0	1	0

copcarvg, 1,1
copcarru, 1,1

Thats it. Start the game and enjoy your new 2003 Ford Crown Victoria CHP.

=========================================Special Thanks to:============================================== for original 3dmodel
Piohh for friendship, handling, paintjobs and testing
greciandelight for police and taxi paintjobs
RichardP. for lightbars
oXXy::Boo!Tirane•·°.for handling
hertaboy2 for paintjob
shark93 for paintjob
Chager for paintjob
Kormci for paintjob
th3doom for paintjob
BigTwingo for friendship
Rastaman for help with collision and shadowmesh
Chezy for friendship
GTAMallorca for friendship
All the betatester
Escandero for friendship
Degget for friendship, support and showing me how to texture models in 3d studio max
Jay for the link to the tutorials, support, help and friendship
redstar for the really good videotutorials
Ford for that wonderful car
Discreet for 3D Studio Max7
and all the guys at the gta-inside and gta-worldmods forum

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