Ghostbusters Ecto 1 Sound Siren

Here is a modification that will allow you to have the ecto 1 siren from Ghostbusters, this does sound fairly accurate to the show although...


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Here is a modification that will allow you to have the ecto 1 siren from Ghostbusters, this does sound fairly accurate to the show although there are two ways to install this (both are in the readme), one which will replace the icecream van but will have no sirens. While the other is to replace one of the police cars which will unfortunately mean that all police cars will have the ecto 1 siren.

This modification doesn't include the actual Ecto 1 but it would look better in game if you used it on the Ecto 1 as it would be very different to have an ice cream van or police car with that siren. Even though it will work without the Ecto 1 it is recommended that you also download this car so that it looks and sounds more accurate in the game.

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[file=44920]IMG Tool V2[/b]

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Ghostbusters Ecto 1

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This mod, will add the Ecto-1 engine sounds and the famous siren to your game, and combined with Liam247's
Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Car Mod (found here:;64457)
will allow you to enjoy the whole Ghostbusters experience in full, complete with the Ecto-1 car, flashing lights, 
and of course, the famous siren!

Although this mod may be used on its own, it is principally designed as an add-on to the Ecto-1 Car Mod, which
will allow you to ride around in the Ecto-1 as it appears in the films. Of course, the real work has already 
been done by Liam247 with the construction of the car (all thanks goes to him!) and this mod is little more the
icing on the cake. The hard work was really figuring out how to mod the damn game!


Having spent two solid days learning all there is to know about modding GTA: San Andreas, I have come to two

1. Firstly, there is no possible way of adding the flashing lights to an ordinary car. Apparently it is hard-
coded to the emergency vehicles and, from what I gather, unable to be changed, even by the greatest of modders
(contradict me please – no, seriously, contradict me! I would love to be proved wrong on this!) 

2. Secondly, that the siren cannot be added to an ordinary vehicle. The sound is set up in such a way that the 
Ecto-1 siren can only replace the emergency vehicle sirens (these are the only ones which loop back and play the 
sound again). Experimenting with replacing the horn sound, which is shared by all cars, failed, as it just didn’t 

So, you are now asking yourself, if flashing lights and the Ecto-1 siren can’t be added to cars, why the hell did
I download this mod!? Well, the answer is that the Ecto-1 can be played ingame, but only at a price. The options 
you now have before you are playing the Ecto-1 in the Playable Experience or the Full Experience:


The Playable Experience is the one which least impacts on the game. You have the car, you have the siren, but you
don’t have the flashing lights! This is because you are going to replace the Mr Whippy ice cream van, which has 
it’s very own ‘jingle’ theme for a sound, which by an incredible stroke of good fortune, is looped, so it will keep 
playing indefinitely, just as a siren should. However, as you can’t add the flashing lights to the ice-cream van,
you’re going to be losing that effect straight away. Oh, well.


This is the one which has the most impact on the game. You have the car, you have the Ecto-1 siren and you have the
flashing lights, but it’s at the expense of replacing all the police cars of one department (GTA: San Andreas has
three Police departments in all – Los Santos, Los Venturas  & San Fierro plus the ‘Rangers’, whose jusrisdiction lies
inbetween these cities) You could, effectively, replace any emergency vehicle with the Ecto-1, but due to the 
positioning of the lights, cars work better than anything else, and as the police cars are the only cars that are 
emergency vehicles... 

So, there you have it. Decide which version you want to play, install the files where necessary (there's a pretty 
comprehensive Readme attached) and go for it.

Enjoy yourselves, and happy ghostbusting!


number251137 AT onetel DOT com

Legal Clarification: 

Use of this mod is at your own risk and entirely from your own choice. I am not liable or repsonsible for any damage 
to any computer or any of the effects it may have on the game.

In addition, this mod may not be redistributed on CD, DVD etc, resold, modified or "plugged" into a mod without 
explicit consent from myself. 

Thank you for listening.

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