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Here is a map modification that will add an island with a house on it to GTA San Andreas. This is basically a small island, made out of cust...


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Here is a map modification that will add an island with a house on it to GTA San Andreas. This is basically a small island, made out of custom and in game parts. The small island is located south of Santa Maria Beach and the light house. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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Download 'bujo_greenisland.rar' (1.71MB)

--------------Green Island 1.0b by ***BujO***-------------------------
This mod is made mostly of in-game parts.
I made only house and island.
There are 5 custom objects,house+LOD,island+LOD and pine_lod.
Pine lod was already in game but i wasn't able to find it's LOD so i use it as LOD.
This mod should run smoothly on clean and unmodified instalation of san andreas.
Too many objects on screen might slow game a bit (but it'll work).
I put some pickups but they don't work (until new game is started,sometimes) always.
I put them for testing,maybe i'll fix it someday.
Check out map for location of island.
In order to keep it simplies as it could be,i decided not to make island on radar.
Why,this way it doesn't require any gta3.img actions.
Just follow instalation instructions.
I didn't make S.A.M.I. script coz it's not needed (simple enough already).
Files -procobj.ide-,-levelxre.ide- and -VegasS.ide- aren't modified much,just draw distance increased on few objects.
Remember to backup all files you modify.
Use this mod on your own risk,i'm not responsible ,in any way, if something bad happens.
Don't modify,host,or change this mod in any way without my permission.
You can freely spread this mod as long as this readme and all files i suplied are contained.

Backup entire data folder (just in case).
Run data.exe (it's self-extracting rar)and extract it where it is suposed (don't worry,it will replace only what is supossed to replace).
And it's done.

(for advanced)
You are smart enough,i don't need to explain.

If you wish to uninstall this mod just copy back originall gta.dat file.
Or delete entire data folder and copy back originall one (one you backed in the begining).

Try to go to island with helicopter.
It can be funny ;)

Thanks: staff for help
Kam-Steve M-Delfi-TonyVob-KCow and all other great modders for great tools and sharing their knowlege with all.

If any codder is interested in making few missions for this island,do it (contact me).

Suggestions,bugs(if any,big) any feedback


Sorry for crappy english (i don't use it alot).
And for crappy screenies (had to reduce size of rar).


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