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Here is a Total Conversion Modification that will change Los Santos within GTA San Andreas to look more like Los Angeles. This modification...


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Here is a Total Conversion Modification that will change Los Santos within GTA San Andreas to look more like Los Angeles. This modification will replace billboards, posters, buildings, some of the cars, and lots of other items (in readme ;) ). Please note that IMG Tool is required for this modification to be installed properly. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files that this modification will overwrite.

IMG Tool V2

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September 12, 2005
For GTA: San Andreas

GTA: Los Angeles v1.0

Los Santos to Los Angeles conversion. 

List of changes:
- City names
- L.A. radio stations
- All billboards
- Convenience stores
- Hooters
- Blockbuster
- Movie posters
- Ferrari dealership
- Bank
- The Comedy Store
- Mann's Chinese Theatre
- Taft building
- Vice movie theatre
- El Rey theatre
- Death Row Records
- Randy's Donuts
- Medical Center
- Venice Mall
- Rodeo Dr. stores
- Santa Monica pier
- Santa Monica Beach sign
- Subway
- Bus stop benches
- Regal theatre
- Strip club
- Sprunk factory
- Stadium
- Graffiti wall
- 7-Eleven
- Gas station
- Firetruck
- Ambulance
- Police heli
- CNN news heli
- Cop bike
- Train
- more...
Theres more but can't remember now.

Mods by various authors:
- Interior coke vending machine by Anton
- CNN van by RTS
- Commercial vehicle ads by Man980
- Fast food conversion by Aaron
- License plates by escOOp
- Police/taxi vehicles by Bad Religion
- Real life car names by FORDSUCK


1. I SUGGEST you backup the ENTIRE gta3.img file before installing this mod or painfully backup EACH file you replace

2. Use IMGTool V2 and open gta3.img (located in the models folder)
3. Find and replace EACH file in the gta3.IMG folder, Be careful since there is many files you may skip 1 without knowing

4. In \text folder, replace american.gxt
5. In \models\generic folder, replace vehicle.txd

6. Unzip the other mods and follow the directions in their readme


If you find something that is supposed to not be there anymore (billboard, building, etc..),
you may have skipped a file when you were replacing. If this happens to you, contact me so I can tell you the file you skipped.

Thanks to:
FORDSUCK, Anton, RTS, Man980, Aaron, escOOp, and Bad Religon.

This mod is only version 1.0 so it can be better, please Report any bugs/suggestions.
Check for future updates/addons on this mod.

You may NOT modify my work/use in another mod to release it without my permission.

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