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Here is GTA Rumble, a multiplayer modification for GTA San Andreas.This has several features that are listed in the Readme, include the abil...


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Here is GTA Rumble, a multiplayer modification for GTA San Andreas.This has several features that are listed in the Readme, include the ability to host a server and to join one, the weather / time when you join the game, as well as weapons pickups, death messages that are similar to that of Counter Strike Source in that they show who killed them and what weapon was used. Other Features include chat commands (such as quit , kill (suicide), etc), the use of vehicles within the game, and various other things that have been listed within the Readme below.

Please note that since this is a beta version it is highly possible that there will be bugs in this game. It is highly recommended that you back up your Main.Scm file as the version within this file will overwrite it, and if you lose the original you may have to reinstall your GTA San Andreas just to play your saved games again. This modification is highly recommended.

NOTE: Please note for Technical Issues with this modification please direct them towards the forums, as these will be answered more quickly there, thank you.

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Download 'gtarumble1c.rar' (3.28MB)

      GTA:RUMBLE - v0.1c


Replacing the MAIN.SCM will mess up single player (even crash if try loading a saved game),
you'll need to make a backup and replace each time you play.

MAIN.SCM --> San Andreas/Data/Script/
SCRIPT.IMG --> San Andreas/Data/Script/
d3d9.dll --> San Andreas/
d3dx9_27.dll --> WINDOWS/System32/
Launcher --> Anywhere
SA Path: (example: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas -- Don't include "gta-sa.exe")

PlayerList/ScoreBoard (IDs, Names, Scores, Pings)
Weather/Time on join
Weapon Pickups
Death messages (Killers name and Weapon used)
Disabled Cheatcodes
Chat Commands (/quit, /kill, /reconnect, /disconnect, /me)
Spawned Vehicles
Use of vehicles spawned by the game
Disabled train-traffic
Disabled SAM-sites
Connection failed/banned messages
Parachutes (player only)
Supports 40 players
Ingame Admin (/kick, /getip, /ban, /addban, /removeban, /burn, /slap, /murder, /explode, /jail, /unjail)
Screenshot key (F12)
Chat toggle key (f9)

Run State (Jogging/Running)
Weapon Switch
Head Movement (Looks at where their camera is facing)
Entering/Exiting Cars

Landing Gear
Extras (Eg: forklift forks)
Respawning once blown
Back-wheel angle
Car Colours/paintjobs

F9 = ChatToggle
F11 = PlayerList
F12 = Screenshot
G = Passenger


The server gets the Name, Port, MaxPlayers, Password, ASE Enabled, Weather, Time and Admin's Name or IP from the Ini (RumbleServer.ini),
which MUST be in the same directory as the Serverm, eg:

Name=GTA:Rumble Server

There can only be 2 admins, if someone joins with the AdminName or AdminIP as their name or IP,
they will be able to use any of the following commands:
/kick, /getip, /ban, /addban, /removeban, /burn, /slap, /murder, /explode, /jail, /unjail

The bans are saved in Bans.lst, to add/remove one, simply add/remove it from that list.

The server reports all the info to ASE (if enabled in the ini), but i still havn't got the file i need for the proper filters,
so it will report to the SDK Test, which anyone can add to see the servers (there most likely will be other random test servers there too),
by Tools->Options->Games->Not Installed->SDK Test->Visible in filter list.

-*-*-*-*Verson Changes-*-*-*-*-

Various crashes: on spawn, server assert
Various fixes: extra-parts angle, timeouts, jacking, carID getting, messy server IDs, death messages
Pausing (stops vehicles/actors)
Back-wheel angle
Full weapon/car skills
Reduced bandwidth
Join-fail messages on server

Disabled train-traffic
Disabled SAM-sites
Various Fixes: Server max-players, Firing/falling, Throwable weapons, Chat size/position (few resolutions),
...Flashing cars, Packet reliabilty (packetloss/lag issue), Nade glitch, Death not showing, Actor not being killed,
...Timeouts, Locked cars, Multiple car explosions, Keyhook, Actor cleanup on leave, Actor flickering in water,
...Car-spawn far from player, Car respawns in wrong place.
Various Crashes: Respawning a used car
Connection failed/banned messages
Server stores all game info
Parachutes (player only)
Car Colours/paintjobs
Supports 40 players
Ingame Admin (/kick, /getip, /ban, /addban, /removeban, /burn, /slap, /murder, /explode, /jail, /unjail)
Screenshot key (F12)
Chat off key (f9)

Mod: Jax aka [UVA]_ZzZ
DirectX Hook: hammer
SCM Hook: spookie
Site/Forum/Testing: Brophy & Panther
Testing and Help: XcR, J-Fox, MadHacker, Sc00bY, Mr, Oli, DomSpy, Kevuwk, Biggs, Bullit, Endlezz,
Tj, UFFE, SGlow, Fusion
And anyone i forgot :P

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