GTA:SA Car Spawner



Here is the Car Spawner for GTA San Andreas, with this you can spawn any vehicle (Cars or planes) and these will appear in front of your character in game. For this tool, you will need to know the Vehicle ID. I have found one bug in this however, if you put in an incorrect ID this will cause the game to crash.



Author: [DRuG]BazW
Prog: GTA:SA v1.0 EU/Hoodlum NoDVD
Trainer: Car Spawn v1.1
Date: 7/6/05

New in v1.1:
Hot Keys
Ingame ID typing
Some error checking

Control-S: This handy little hotkey will spawn the last vehicle you created.
Control-A: This allows you to type in any vehicle ID in game and have it spawned.

**NOTE** Dont try to spawn a train, bad things happen.

This trainer is only for EU GTA:SA exe's.  If your using the No-DVD cracked exe by HOOdlum then your all good to go.  Start GTA then run this trainer.  Type in whatever ID you wanna spawn and your golden.

Thanks to Nonameo for for the trainer barebone and for the help with the hotkeys.  Thanks to Jacob for the ideas and testing help.  

Enjoy the trainer!

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