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Here is the San Andreas Monitor, with this you can move to almost any location as long as you have the co-ordinates. This Tool can also chan...


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Here is the San Andreas Monitor, with this you can move to almost any location as long as you have the co-ordinates. This Tool can also change your health, armour and the police warning level to any level. For this program to function properly it is recommended that you have more than one screen, as this would be a lot easier than pressing alt-tab a lot. The advantage with two screens is that you can watch yourself move in real time, and also transport yourself to another location at any time.

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This is the SAmonitor.exe which is the client. This program should be run on the client PC. If you have 2 computers, then you should run this program on the other computer. If you have 1 computer, then you should run it on the same computer as the server application.

You should only use the GTA:Monitor if you have a resolution of 1024x768 or greater, or else the program won't fit on your screen.

How to start:

Alright, so just follow these instructions.

1. First, start GTA:San Andreas. You can either start a new game or load a previously saved game. Just make sure that no movies are being played and that you can walk around.
2. Now, ALT+TAB out of GTA:SA and then start the server (SAServer.exe) program. The game status should say Game is running....

If you have one computer:
3. Now run the client (SAMonitor.exe) program. Click File and then Connect. Type in localhost without the quotation marks. Click OK.
4. Go back to the Server program. The connection status should now say Connected.
5. Go back to GTA: San Andreas. You can now walk, then ALT+TAB back to the GTA:SA Monitor and view statistics. You can set your health and armor to 100% and you can transport around San Andreas (more info below).

If you have two computers:
3. Go to your second computer. On this computer, run the client (SAMonitor.exe) program. Click File and then Connect. Type in your first computer's IP Address. Click OK.
4. On your first computer, the connection status should now say Connected.
5. You can now open GTA:SAN Andreas again on your first computer. You will now be able to walk around, and on your second computer you can see yourself moving in real-time! You can also easily transport around San Andreas without having to ALT+TAB out of the game!

-->How to get a computer's IP address
On Windows 2000/XP:
Click start, then run. Type in 'cmd' and press enter. In the new window that opens, type in 'ipconfig'. Assuming you have one ethernet adapter, you should see IP Address........... : That is that computer's IP address.

How to use the GTA:SA Monitor client

Once you are connected and everything works, the fun begins!

On the map you see in GTA:SA Monitor, you will see a red square and a number of yellow squares. The red square is you. This is where you are right now. The yellow squares are all of the Location Bookmarks that exist. You can see these in the list under Transporter.

There are three ways to go to one of the Location Bookmarks. You can 1. Double click the bookmark in the list. 2. You can click the bookmark in the list and then click Go. 3. You can click on the yellow squares on the map, and you will be transported there instantly.

I have created a pre-set Location Bookmark file, which will be loaded the first time you start GTA:SA Monitor. It contains a number of common places you might want to go to.

When you hover over a yellow square, the name of the Location Bookmark appears. When you click the yellow square, you are transported instantly. In the game, you will now see this:

The buttons under the Location Bookmarks are as follows:
1. Go;. Use this to go to the selected location bookmark in the list. Same as double clicking an item in the list.
2. Add current location;. Use this to create a new location bookmark. First, inside GTA:SA, go to a nice place in the game. Then, in GTA:SA Monitor, click this button. You will be asked to give this bookmark a name. After that, it is added to the list and it will also appear on the map.
3. Delete. Select an item from the bookmark list and click this button. It will be removed from the list.
4. Save. Once you have a nice bookmark list, click this button and name your bookmarks. Your bookmarks are now saved and you can share them with other people.
5. Load. If you want to load a bookmark list that you have saved before or someone sent to you (make sure it's in the same directory as the saMonitor.exe), click this button and enter the name, and the locations will be loaded.
6. Edit;. This is for advanced users only. It will open up the Location Bookmark file in notepad for you, so you can modify it manually (for example if you want to change the name of an item).
7. Refresh;. After you have edited the file, you can click this button to reload the bookmark file.

The GTA:SA monitor also shows you your current wanted level. At first I wanted to make it so you could reset your wanted level to 0, but I haven't yet figured out how to do this. It is, however, possible to reset your Health and Armor. To change the amount of money you have, simply click Enter new value under Money, enter a new value and click OK.

1. It is not possible to transport to another location when you are INSIDE ANY TYPE OF VEHICLE. I will fix this in future releases.
2. The current car text will only show you in which CAR you are. It will not work for planes, etc.
3. If you are inside a building and transport to another location, you won't see anything. This is because of the way GTA:SA is built, and is not my fault.
4. I just realized that the GTA:SA Monitor only has 5 wanted level stars... this means the program crashes when you are such a bad guy and get 6 stars... This has been fixed in the next version, which won't be released yet. (Workaround: don't get into sh*t :-).
5. More to come... :>

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