GTA SA Ultimate Edition



This is a collection of pretty great mods that enhance the San Andreas experience out of the box and unlock all the islands and areas right away, among other perks. Check the readme for a full rundown.



Hello, Mod Contains:

Bike Steed Mod (by Damarest)
You Never Fall of the bike.
Keys: (None)

Neo Time (by Spaceeinstein)
You have adrenaline if you want.
Keys: AIM + Group Ctrl Back

Save Any Where (by Spaceeinstein)
You can save any where.a
Keys: Look Behind + Crouch

Indestructible Mod (Spaceeinstein)
You and you car as indestructible.
Keys: Press Horn + Handbrake to Unlock the doors.

UnFlip Car (by TbM2k)
Your car never flip.
Keys: (None)

Heli Magnet Mod (by GodGell)
Activate the magnet.
Keys: HandBrake to des/activate

Nitro Oxide (by Wauzie)
Activate the nitro oxide, More than 300 KMH.
Keys: HORN

Super Brake (by Wauzie)
Activate super brake.
Keys: S + HandBrake

Fuel Tank & Petrol Stations (by Viper187)
You have fuel in your car.
Keys: (None)

Sanga Mod (by Opius)
Perfect Start with 1000 Respect.
Keys: (None)

Car Select (Viper187)
The instructions are written in the game when you select a car (in a small box)
Keys: Press C + SPACE.

Weapon Select (Viper187)
The instructions are written in the game when you select a weapon (in a small box) 
Keys: Press TAB + C.

Patriot Explosion (by Spaceeinstein)
You can explode with your patriot.
Keys: Fire (In Car)

TransFender Fix (by OffRoader23)
Fixed of Transfender, you can modify all the cars and trucks and bikes.
Keys: (None)

SnakeChop (by Viper187)
You Activate a new garage.
Keys: (None)

Neon Mod (by FunGT)
Add neon green for the cars.
Keys: (None)

* Thanks to Viper187, Spaceeinstein, Damarest, GodGell, cns, AK-Boy and www.gtaforum.com

Download Mirror 1: http://vonsid.mundoserver.net/uploads/UltimateSAv1fix.zip
Download Mirror 2: http://vonsidproductions.gratishost.com/UltimateSAv1fix.zip
Download Mirror 3: http://vonsid.myazor.info/UltimateSAv1fix.zip
Download Mirror 4: http://vonsid.hosting-gratis.net/UltimateSAv1fix.zip

My Webpage is: http://www.gtasaga.tk

* Configure the keys ACTION KEY = TAB
                     CROUCH = C

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