Harley Davidson FLSTF (Fat Boy)

Here is the Harley Davidson FLSTF (Fat Boy), a detailed and well made motorcycle that will either replace the wayfarer or any other vehicle...


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Here is the Harley Davidson FLSTF (Fat Boy), a detailed and well made motorcycle that will either replace the wayfarer or any other vehicle of your choice within GTA San Andreas. Please note that it is highly recommended that you back up any files just in case you either do not like this modification or it messes up your computer.

Required Files IMG Tool V2

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Download 'sabbathblack_brendan62_harleydavidsonfsstffatboy.rar' (1.89MB)


Harley Davidson FLSTF (Fat Boy) v 2.0 + Bonus
All rights are belong to GTAMotors and Sabbath Black personally.
Autor of source model: De Espona
Convert to San Andreas: Sabbath Black & Brendan62(sabbathblack@msilab.net)
Bike handling: Iris
Optimization, tuning and assembly: Sabbath Black (sabbathblack@msilab.net)

From the author
Our team GTAMotors now creates global mod. We want replace Groove street gang by legendary american biker band Hell's Angels. We will replace characters, tatoos, guns, club, vehicles, and more... First, Johny Has persuaded me to make legend of Terminator 2 Film: Harley Davidson FLSTF (Fat Boy). When we worked on bike, we have like it, and we have continued. And all this was poured out in idea of creation Hell's Angels. Bike is finished. While i worked on this bike, i had to edit an ped animation. As I know, this the first in own way, but I can be mistaken. One more innovation. All have already got used to replacement of skins-paintjobs in transfender. We have made it in our "FatBoy". But I can't place nitro on it. It have 1 extra - lateral bags and Holster with sawnoff, like in a Terminator 2.

Changes in v2.0
-Bags are replaced, new bags are more realistic.
-Real Harley Davidson sounds Added
-Speedmeter illumination added
-Biker jackets by johny added

Used Tools
-ZModeler v2.07
-TXD Workshop v4.0
-ACDSee Pro
-Adobe Photoshop CS2
-3ds max 7
-Kam's max scripts

-San Andreas lights
-New bike and driver animation
-4 Paintjobs In transfender
-damage of fueltank, shadow, collision
-3D engine and many details.
-Real Harley Davidson sounds
-Illumination of a speedmeter
-Biker Jackets by Johny

For correct working of SA lights we recomend use HQLM v2.0 from SPC/GCT TEAMS. Another vehicles will working better too. You can Download HQLM v2.0 here: http://gct.gta.com.ua/files/hqlm2.rar

Thanks to
-Johny for idea, jackets, help and support. Separate respect.
-AlexSergeev for help and support.
-Dmitry216 for help, support and translation.
-Klarnetist™ for advices, help and support.
-Mave Keiby For help and support.
-EgoretZ è Serzh For detailed and clear FAQ about convertion vehicles to San Andreas
-Iris for great handling
-To my wife Irina, for she shouted not much, still I worked on this vehicle.
-Bandit, big-q, Rumata, WiLd_Tuning, Áîðìàí, Booster and another members of http://gta.com.ua/ and http://gta.keiby.com/ forums for encouragement and expectation.

For installation use IMG Tool 2.0. This program lays on any site
about GTA in section of "tools". Open gta3.img (is in a folder "models" in the catalogue with game) with IMG Tool 2.0
remove files wayfarer.dff, wayfarer.txd è wayfarer.ifp, or rename it. Then add files with same names. Next, open anim.img with same tool(IMG Tool 2.0)(it placedin "anim" folder in the catalogue with game). Find and delete "wayfarer.ifp". Then add "wayfarer.ifp" from archive.

Open vehicles.ide ("data" folder) with Notepad, find and replace:

586,	wayfarer	wayfarer,	bike,		WAYFARER,	WAYFARE,	wayfarer,motorbike,	10,	0,	0,		23, 0.75, 0.75,		-1

Open handling.cfg with same tool("Notepad") find and replace:

1. Quiet driving, easy control.

   WAYFARER	800.0	600.0	4.0	0.0	0.1	0.0	103	1.4	0.85	0.48	4	320.0	67.0	5.0	R	P	20.0	0.55	0	35.0	0.65	0.20	0.0	0.08	-0.11	0.55	0.0	0.0	0.24	10000	41000000	702200	1	1	8

2. Alternative handling from Iris(More drift, more adrenaline)

   WAYFARER      850.0     600.0   3.0     0.0     0.1     0.0     103     0.87    0.875   0.51    4       220.0   46.0    4.7     R       P       20.0    0.55    0       35.0    0.75    0.09    0.0     0.08    -0.115  0.5     0.0     0.0     0.34    10000   41000000        702200  1       1       8

Next, install new colors in carcols.dat:

wayfarer, 0,1, 44,1, 116,1, 79,1, 86,1, 25,1, 27,1, 125,1, 84,84

And finaly carmods.dat:

Below Line:
#pcj600, exh_bk_pc_sa, exh_bk_pc_ta, exh_bk_pc_tc, misc_a_bk_pc1, misc_a_bk_pc2, nto_bk_s, nto_bk_tw
Add this line:

That's all!!!!!! Start game and start your engine!

All rights are belong to "GTAMotors".
Mail to sabbathblack@msilab.net if you found some bugs.

Official GTAMotors Site: http://gtamotors.narod.ru/
Forums:                  http://gta.keiby.com/forum/index.php

                          -=GTAMotors & Brothers Hell's Angels=-

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